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Ways to make long-distance Rakshabandhan less distant

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

For countless brother and sister duo, Rakshabandhan is seen as an elaborate affair, an auspicious day that greets us once a year. There are a number of myths and legends that go around in ancient scriptures. All of the stories come down to one meaning, it is the festival of a ritual where a sister ties a sacred thread on their brother’s wrist to define their relationship. Rakshabandhan is a festival that is full of treats and jolly moments. However, if you’re someone who’s been geographically separated from your sister this Rakshabandhan, do not worry, we’ve got you! Check out these ways to make your long-distance Rakshabandhan feel less distant.

Since our childhood, Rakshabandhan has signified joy and merriness. It brings out the child within us, making us ponder and await for the special day. We’re all familiar with the extravagant ‘gift shopping’, outfit picking, fun times with siblings and obviously eating loads of mouth-watering home-cooked dishes and sweets.

However, with time, many of us have relocated to a different city or even country. It can make us miss out on countless occasions and festivities like Rakshabandhan.

Doesn’t it make us feel homesick, when all we want to do is to go home and spend some time with our sister, but here we are, sitting in front of our laptop screens!

Well, we mustn’t make our lives more miserable by feeling sad on such an auspicious day. This raksha bandhan, celebrate the festival with your sister, even when you’re miles away!

Here are some ways to make your long-distance Rakshabandhan feel less distant:

A video chat

It is true to say that technology has bridged the gap between human beings. With a quick connection with the internet, you can have an amusing virtual meeting with your sister located continents away!

You can indulge in a facetime with your sister and have a hearty chat with her. Catch up with her and reminisce about the good old days. To add a fun element, you can also sit with some snacks and drinks and gossip the evening away!

A walk down the memory lane

When Ed Sheeran sang, “we keep this love in a photograph, we made these memories for ourselves”, we all felt it. Indeed these tiny rectangle sheets with smiling and giggling faces do possess a lot of memories and warmth.

It is possible that even your sister feels gloomy when you’re miles away from her. You can make her feel merry by sending photographs, as they are the best treasures for someone who lives far away. You can walk down the memory lane by gifting her a photobook of gleeful snaps.

Polaroids are a versatile option if you’re thinking of gifting photographs. If your sister has a knack for wall decors, polaroids can add up to her possessions in the form of wall accessories, with a hint of sibling love!

Greeting card for the occasion

Centuries ago, the Roman poet Horace once said, “the pen is the tongue of the mind.”

This saying still applies years later when we can’t find the appropriate gesture to showcase love on a long distance raksha bandhan. In this case, greeting cards go a long way as one can add a personal touch to them. With the help of shopping sites like Amazon and Flipkart, we can find a number of greeting cards specifically for the occasion of Rakshabandhan. One can even add a personal message along with some word of gratification.

If you want to go all the way, you can send a handwritten letter and convey your feelings towards your sister. Trust me, it’ll be the most memorable token for her.

Sending their favourite food

It is true to say, food is a universal, omnipotent love language.

Rakshabandhan just cannot go without some good food and sweeteners.

Meals can bring relationships together as one can never resist from a mouthwatering dish on the table. With the help of diverse online services, we can send our sisters their favourite dish.

Chocolate is an evergreen food item that one can send to stir up some sibling love and affection from a distance. The infamous fight for chocolates is eternal for a brother-sister duo. Well, how many of us used to steal our sister’s piece of candy while she was away? It’s time to return the fondness by pampering them with a box of chocolate.


Distance should never be a reason to gloom and sulk on an auspicious festival like Rakshabandhan. Even a little attempt to create that missing joy and closure can never go wrong.

However, when nothing works, just pack your bag with some bounty and make a surprise visit to your sister! It is always a nice plan to carry along some of their favourite stuff.

This way, you can celebrate this festival in a heartwarming and fun manner, just like the old times!

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