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Ways to Celebrate this Rakshabandhan without a Sister

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

It is fun to have a younger or an older sister. If you have both, lucky you! We quarrel a lot with our sisters, but at the end of the day, it is them who come to our rescue and save the day. However, not all of us are blessed with a sister. Absence of a sister can be felt a lot more during a festival like Rakshabandhan. If you don’t have a sister and hate to sulk on such an auspicious festival, you’re at the right page! Read on to know more about ways to celebrate this Rakshabandhan if you don’t have a sister.

Having no sister means you get to have the entire bar of chocolate to yourself. A bonus point: the television remote belongs to one and only you!

Then arrives a festival called Rakshabandhan, leaving you sulking over your unadorned wrist and lack of gifts. If you don’t have a sister, there’s no way that you can enjoy an occasion like raksha bandhan as it traditionally needs a brother and a sister in the same room.

What if I say, you can celebrate this festival even without a sister? No, I’m not bluffing!

Men, it is time to celebrate Rakshabandhan in a slightly unconventional way, for there exists countless other relationships (apart from a brother-sister duo) that are based on love, care and affection.

Here are some ways to celebrate this Raksha bandhan if you don’t have a sister:

Celebrate with your brother from another mother

Doesn’t the phrase ‘brother from another mother’ remind you of that one person who’s always there for you?

This person can be a best friend, a favoured teammate or even a cousin. You can celebrate Rakshabandhan with your ‘brother from another mother’ by inviting them for a catch up, hanging out at a favourite place or even spending the evening away by playing a game.

Hang out with your parents

Sister or not, you can always hangout with your parents.

Aren’t parents our greatest saviour since day one?

Parents have always been there as our greatest ‘rakshak’ or guardian since boyhood.

If you ask me, Rakshabandhan is the best day to celebrate and honour them.

You can take your parents out for a lunch or dinner date. You can even stay at the comfort of your home, cook their favourite food and enjoy the day!

Find a furry friend

Your furry friends could be the replacement of a sister.

If you don’t have a sibling to celebrate Rakshabandhan with, you can make the most of the day by giving home to a furry dude! As a matter of fact, there are countless stray animals around us that are in need of home.

The most heartwarming way to celebrate an auspicious festival like Rakshabandhan is by helping out a soul in need.

You can volunteer in an animal care organisation. If you have room for a friend at your home, you can even adopt an animal and give them a taste of brotherhood!

If you already have a pet at your home, tie them a ‘rakhi’. After all, they’re the caring members of your family that are always there for you after a long day of work. Pamper them with some clothes, food and play with them.

Fill your shopping cart

Wanna know a retreat for a gloomy mood? Go shopping!

After all, we can all relate to the sheer excitement of filling our bags with our favourite stuff, be it clothes or snacks.

Shopping is like a therapy for many and gives pleasure and control over our environment. If you don’t have any plans for this Rakshabandhan, give yourself an opportunity to get all the things that you’ve been thinking of buying for a long time.


Rakshabandhan is a festival that can be celebrated by any bond defined by love, care and endearment. Even if you don’t have a sister, there are numerous ways that you can apply on the day of Raksh bandhan.

Wanna know the most sustainable manner to enjoy the occasion?

Prepare your favourite food and put on a nice movie. You can even pick up a show or movie from your watchlist.

Complete that pending episode if you haven’t!

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