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Vasectomy May Be The Manliest Thing You Have Ever Done


Vasectomy is known as the surgical removal or closure of the tubes (vas deferens) that transport sperm into seminal fluid, or semen. It is a safe and effective surgical procedure for male contraception. It involves cutting or blocking the vas deferens, the tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the semen. This prevents sperm from reaching the semen, thus making a man sterile and unable to father children.

The procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia, takes about 15-30 minutes, and has a low risk of complications. Vasectomy does not affect sexual function or hormone levels, and it is considered a permanent form of birth control. Reversal is possible but not always successful.

In this article, we are going to explore some facts and tits-bits about Vasectomy and how it is beneficial for Men.

Acts as a permanent solution for contraception:

Vasectomy is a permanent step towards contraception. You don’t have to worry about birth control every month either going to a doctor or from pharmacy. Finally, live your life without the fear of an unplanned pregnancy.

After you have received the lab results there is longer sperm in your semen. This doesn’t impact your sexual satisfaction as sperm constitutes a little part of semen.

Yes, it is reversible, considering the risk of failure in a reverse vasectomy surgery. But take this step when you are sure of sterilization.

A major and safe option to prevent unwanted pregnancy:

Vasectomy is a really reliable way to prevent an unplanned pregnancy, which can turn into a nightmare with financial and social burdens. It is more than 99% effective in preventing contraception. It is less effective only to abstain from sex, which is not very desirable to couples in love with each other.

Any couple can test its effectiveness as many times as they wish, without ever again worrying about pregnancy. Rarely it has been seen that the tubes rejoin which can lead to pregnancy.

Sperm can still pass into semen right after the surgery. Use other contraceptives like condoms until follow-up checks ensure the effectiveness of the surgery.

Is safe and has Minimal side effects:

The major issue with contraceptives for women is that they are full of side effects. Not to mention the amount of hormones and pills required to minimize the side effects. Many surgical methods for women are risky and can go horribly wrong.

The side effects of vasectomy are in a very low range. Almost none of them have serious risks. It neither reduces the desire for sex nor does it decreases the satisfaction of it.

Hormonal abnormalities arise due to the pills and hormones taken to mitigate the side effects in women. You can help your partner live a normal and happy life.

Usually, a patient can start living a normal sex life just 7 days after the surgery. He might need to use other kinds of contraceptives in the beginning. They can start working within 3 days of the surgery too.

Side Effects of Vasectomy

The procedures of this surgery are safe. The patient may have some degree of mild pain afterward, along with some swelling in the scrotum with a chance of little bleeding. But these aren't quite common in post-surgical situations and aren't typically serious if they do. About 1% to 2% of men have pain that doesn't go away.

Complications after surgery aren’t that regularly seen, but if they happen, they are commonly just bruising, inflammation, and infection. These are almost never serious, but tell your doctor if you have symptoms.

A few other issues are possible but rare:

  1. A testicle that hurts, feels pressured or is uncomfortable.

  2. Sperm granuloma or a tough mass or irritation brought on by sperm leakage.

  3. Spermatocele or a cyst in the sperm-collection tube.

  4. Hydrocele or a fluid-filled sac surrounding a testicle that causes scrotal enlargement.

Long-term side effects like irritability, nervousness, and other emotional issues are quite commonly discussed surrounding it. Research shows these are in reality absent or mild.

Effects of Vasectomy on Hormonal Levels

The tubes that deliver sperm from the testicles to the penis are cut or sealed during a vasectomy, a medical surgery. In doing so, sperm are prevented from reaching the seminal fluid, also known as semen, that the male ejaculates after intercourse.

Males who have had vasectomy procedures will still ejaculate semen, but the resulting fluid won't contain sperm.

The mechanics of conception are changed by a vasectomy, but guys are not physiologically altered. A 2018 research by Trusted Source indicated that vasectomy surgeries have no lasting effects on male testosterone concentrations. As a result, undergoing a vasectomy had no effect on testosterone levels.

Cost of Vasectomy

Vasectomy is relatively cheaper than many other surgeries of the same class. Other than that it is heavily covered by insurance companies. Having fewer babies is profitable for the companies. Moreover, various government and private institutes and offices give privileges to men who had undergone vasectomy.

Even if you have to bear the cost by yourself it will cost around 500$ to 2000$. It is quite reasonable considering the long-term benefits. You have to do it once in your lifetime, so it is a viable investment.

Bottom line: Taking the Initiative

Permanent birth control measures always seem to be the responsibility of womenfolks. Vasectomy is a safer option than all the surgical methods available for women. This will improve your relationship with your partner if you take the initiative for effective family planning.

Almost all common surgical methods of contraception are for women. So, relieve her in this case as all of those methods are risky and demanding for them.

All the different marital duties rest most commonly on the woman of the household. So this is a nice way to let her know that you care for her. However, discuss this with your partner before taking the decision and let her know all the pros and cons.

Vasectomy is a really effective and permanent procedure of birth control. Men who had enough babies or are not looking for babies at all can take this initiative. Not worrying about contraceptives is one thing out of the plate in an already hard life.

There are very little to no health issues in this surgical procedure. So you can go ahead and enjoy your sex with your partner. It will be a nice gesture on your part too, showing how much you care for her.

As this is a permanent procedure always take this decision with our partner as reversing it is a bit more complicated. Live happily, live safely.

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