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Useful Android Apps For Men

HiCont – Hide your contacts

This is an amazing app available on Google play store for free. It helps you hide contacts. This will help you avoid conflict with your partner, friends, colleagues or even your boss. HiCont won’t only hide your contacts from your contact list but your WhatsApp chat lists as well. Just like you can hide applications from your apps drawer, this app gives you stealth mode for your contacts.

Sticker Maker

This is another free app that allows you to make your own WhatsApp sticker packs. You can import memes to make new stickers for WhatsApp. One can also use their own photos to create stickers. You can cut out your own photos and make stickers by adding text and much more with Sticker Maker.

Speedify – The VPN for Live Streaming

Most of us are mostly overwhelmed by the slow data connection on our smartphone. This happens the most when things are crucial. Like when you need to attend a zoom meeting with your team, or want to livestream an important match. Don’t worry now. Speedify is the perfect app for people like you and me. This app allows you to combine multiple internet sources such as Wifi, cellular and ethernet etc. These combine to form a faster, and more stable and more secure connection making your connection more reliable.

Buyhatke Online Shopping Assistant

For all netizens and online shoppers, Buyhatke is the perfect app. It is an app that acts like your online shopping assistant. Before purchasing anything online be it electronics, clothing, grooming products, home care products and even booking trains and flights check once on Buyhatke. As it is an app produced to keep you updated with latest deals, offers and coupons. You get detailed information about discounts on platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and may more.

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