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Unlocking the Benefits of Yoga for Men: Beyond Stereotypes

Relieve stress, get muscle, defined abs, flexibility, and more sexual capacity with yoga. Best for Him Team

Generally, various things are categorized on the basis of gender, starting from household chores to professions in our country. And now even the different varieties of workouts have been labeled in accordance with gender, especially yoga. Yoga has always been practiced by females, and hardly any man is witnessed to be a part of the yoga class or group, thinking that yoga is too feminine, yoga is not a real exercise, doesn’t help in building muscles, or most of all, males don’t look good while doing yoga.

But let’s rethink the theory of exercise. No exercise is practiced on the basis of its label, the majority of the audience following it, or whether it looks good or not. If this was the scenario, then no lady would have done kickboxing, weightlifting, or powerlifting. Isn’t it? Rather, a workout regime is adopted and followed on the basis of the advantages and benefits delivered to the practitioner. And nowhere is it written that yoga has benefited only females and not males.

Yoga offers physical and mental health benefits for people of all ages and genders. Yoga has benefits for heart disease, pain relief, improving strength, balance, flexibility, and managing stress. In fact, there are more benefits that yoga offers male yogi practitioners; here are a few of them.

Build Muscles

Practicing yoga extends the range of motion and develops extra accessibility to muscle fibers, permitting substantial hypertrophy, i.e., when a muscle is enlarged with the enlargement of its cells, in all muscle groups. The stretches done in yoga poses help in elongating the muscles left over from weight lifting. Weight lifting works on specific muscles and body parts that are targeted at the time, due to which several muscles go unnoticed.

Hence, certified workout practitioners state that yoga done in combination with bodybuilding helps in concentrating on complete body muscle mass. Thus, it also helps in toning the stomach and getting defined abs with a proper yoga regime.

Prevent workout injuries

If you are into hardcore weight training with heavy weights and dumbbells, then yoga is more crucial for you. Primarily, yoga is always practiced with mindfulness and the realization of one’s body's limits and abilities. Thus, it gives you the ability to assess your body’s capabilities and strength in order to take on challenges, eventually leading to fewer workout mishaps and injuries. Additionally, the proper stretches and flexibility gained with yoga postures help in recovery and healing faster post-workout, resulting in a less sore body.

Better Sexual Performance

The Journal of Sexual Medicine’s study conducted on yoga’s effect on males has shown that yoga accelerates the release of hormones that boost arousal and increase blood flow to the genital area, which is important for erections with reduced anxiety and increases body awareness and confidence gained through yoga practice.

Releases Stress and Calms the Bod

While other workout regimes that are high in intensity and aggressive in nature impose the same attitude on males, yoga, on the other hand, comprises a variety of relaxation techniques that can make males calmer overall with regular practice. Moreover, the continuous practice of yoga is a proven technique to release stress and deal with clinically proven stress.

Smell Better

Males have to deal with a bad odor that can plummet their impression of their partners and society in general. Interestingly, yoga is a powerful tool that extracts waste from the body by exhaling and sweating during practice. Therefore, males’ bodies come out cleaner, more confident, and more focused after a yoga session.

Right yoga form

Yoga is as diversified as any other fitness routine, so if you are not able to decide the right form of yoga for you, then you must determine the right nature of yoga form on account of your body’s ability and fitness goals.

For beginners, Hatha yoga is the right form to begin with as it is slow-paced and comprises introductory poses. It actually prepares you to go for another level of yoga form by giving a perfect start to your body by getting acquainted with the new form of workout regime.

For males looking for an intense, exhilarating, and fast-paced yoga regime, Power Yoga is for them, as it includes far more intense flowing yoga poses and a vigorous workout that burns calories and can help keep you fit.

And if your goal is to work around the mind-breath connection and give your body aggressive stretching, then Vinyasa is the form for you. Vinyasa is all about different yoga variations designed to improve flexibility, athletic ability, mental clarity, and more.


Interestingly, yoga is a complete fitness routine in itself, and it can also work wonders when it is intelligently clubbed with other workout regimes. Hence, if you are thinking that you don’t want to restrict yourself to one particular form of workout, then include yoga with any other workout schedule to get the desired body.

Written by: Bhawana Anand

Edited by: Aniket Joshi

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