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Unique Taste Of Chocolates : A Must Try

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Well if you ask me, chocolates are the best things that has ever happened to us. Being one of the best stress busters to serve as a savoury to our taste buds, chocolates reign in human life. On the World Chocolate Day (7th July), we wrote and read multiple articles about chocolate and discovered so much! We are sharing some more info regarding the same. Do read some unique tastes of chocolates, every man should try once.

What comes to mind when you talk about types of chocolates? The basic ones pop up: the white, milk and dark chocolates. (Basically as basic as the colour names in men’s life!) What if we tell you there are many other unique flavours of chocolates to try? (Exciting, isn’t it?)

Having chocolates in our childhood or in the adult phase; the thing that never changes is the happiness which we get after eating those chocolates. They are one thing that people of all age groups and genders enjoy and love to eat. Whether it’s a day craving or a night one, to satisfy the sweet-tooth, chocolates are the top notch solution.

Usually we come across the regular chocolates and though they taste good, adding a hint of other flavours give a unique experience to our taste buds.

So men, if you are in a mood to try something new and unique in your lives then start with these wonderful and unique tasting chocolates:

Peanut Butter Chocolates

This is the best choice of chocolate we can recommend for the peanut butter lovers. This new addition to the chocolate world will provide you with even more delectable taste. Not only good in taste, the peanut butter present in it is good for your health too. Once you have this chocolate you are going to love every bite of it, while appreciating the beautiful texture.

Wasabi Chocolates

For all the spice lovers, here’s one for you. Wasabi is a true Japanese flavour sauce which is served with sushi. It’s a treat for those who love spices and unique tastes that take time to develop. Wasabi chocolate has nearly 54% of dark chocolate in it.

Tahini Chocolates

It has one of the best ingredients in it, the sesame seeds. This chocolate is prepared by grinding sesame seeds, and the sauce is then blended with chocolates. It has a crunchy texture, bitter sweet taste and it comes under the umbrella of veganism. Tahini chocolate is loved by most of the people in America and Austria.

Thyme Chocolates

An overall healthy choice for you. If you want to eat chocolates without taking too much tension about your blood pressure issues, then we recommend you the thyme chocolates. Thyme is a medicinal culinary herb with a little bitter taste. Mixing thyme with chocolates proves to be a better choice for your taste as well as health. You want to know the best thing about it? Thyme is also gluten free.

Green Tea Chocolates

Ever thought that green tea can be used in chocolates also? It’s a rare combination but provides an amazing taste. Its ingredients include white chocolate, butter, cream and matcha (a Japanese green powder). It has a bitter sweet taste and a truffle-like texture.

Ruby Chocolates

A new chocolate treat is emerging! It is made with ruby cocoa beans and has a slightly sweet sour taste. Without any added flavours, ruby chocolate feels pretty much tasty and appears to be pink in colour.

Sea Salt Chocolates

Remember all those beachy days with breeze in your hair and salty taste in your mouth? Whenever we hear about sea salt chocolate, we go back to those beach memories. Seas salt with chocolate is actually great in taste and is a superior suggestion for those who don’t like much sugar in their chocolate. In this, the smoked sea salt is blended with dark chocolate to create rich delicious seasoning with a sweet and savoury taste.

unique taste of chocolate


It’s been over a week since World Chocolate Day and we are still in the feels of it! Well that’s the magic of chocolate, it never leaves our taste buds. To try the above given unique taste of chocolates is a must for everyone. Trying new things is never a boring option, be it the new style, travelling, or eating. Same is with the chocolates. When you can get different flavours wrapped in chocolates, you prepare yourself for a great deal of happiness and memories which last forever.

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