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Unique Ideas for a Bachelor’s Party

Congratulations! You finally popped the question to your partner and they said yes. While they are busy flaunting that big fat princess cut diamond ring that you presented them, here you are trying to plan your bachelor’s party with your closest friends.

However, does that mean that it should only include tons of booze and a stripper? Apparently, most men are not into such bachelor parties anymore and would rather do something different to make their bachelorhood memorable and sometimes even plan for a bachelor party with their partners.

We understand that you want to do something as awesome as you saw in the movie series: The Hangover. But it’s better to stay in reality and plan according to your budget as well. Remember, this party will be the last night for you as a single man so do something unique; something that you are able to flaunt about in front of your spouse, rather than hiding it from them.

If you are still not sure about what you should do for your bachelor’s party and are out of ideas, have a look below. We have some unique ideas for you to go for.


You might not have thought about this but a hiking trip with your closest friends could be an amazing experience. You could go for a one day hiking vacation or even 10 days; that’s up to you. At least you won’t be sitting at a bar like you always did and having the same old drinks.

However, you could carry some alcohol with you, like your favourite wine or whiskey and enjoy when you set up camp. Apart from that, you could set up a bonfire and sit around it talking about the old stories, and how you and your fiance met and much more. The stage is yours!

Along with that, it will be a time for you and your friends to create some new memories and some meaningful moments. Hiking will just be a way for you to get out of your daily routine and spend your bachelor’s party in a different and fun way.


Get your skiing gear ready if you are into skiing and want to take your friends for it to your bachelor’s party. This would be quite unique for you as one hardly thinks about skiing when it comes to a bachelor’s party. However, this option can be loads of fun in the rugged icy snow.

Apart from that, you don’t have to worry about getting drunk till the end of the night. Such cold temperatures demand booze, of course, and not carrying it, might as well be a crime. You could even go to the bar of the hotel you are staying at and enjoy a drunken night.

Attend a Concert

Whether you and your friends are into pop, rock or EDM, concerts are taking place all the time and everywhere. So why not go for one of those? Attending a concert would be a great idea, especially if you all have the same taste in music. If they prefer something else and you like pop, it might be a bad idea to take them to a pop concert. However, if that’s not the case, you all can go for it.

All of you can dress in style and even book a limousine along with a driver to take you to the concert. Enter in style and make everyone else feel your presence. As your favourite band plays their top numbers, all of you can make this concert a memorable time by making it your bachelor’s party. The after party can carry on by getting drunk back in the limousine and talking about how awesome the concert was!

Take a Cruise

As a groom, taking yourself and your best friends on a cruise trip could be one of the best bachelor’s party ideas. You could enjoy some of the unforgettable moments of your bachelorhood on this cruise trip as a single man. Apart from getting drunk (obviously), you could shop for your wedding tuxedo as well as your honeymoon.

Along with that, you would be having some of the grandest feasts on the cruise trip, including some of the most delicious delicacies. The beautiful view of the cruise would be a treat for your eyes, whether it is day or night.

Such a unique way of spending your bachelor’s party is highly recommended. It will be a treat for you and your friends and you will make some new memories for you to cherish forever.

Wine Tours

If a glass of wine is what keeps you up during the day rather than coffee, a wine tour for you and your friends is better than anything for your bachelor’s party. You will be able to enjoy some of your favourite wines as well as get a snack or two in the end.

If you want, you could set up a wine tour at your own place. Isn’t that a fun way of getting drunk? Apart from that, if you are into beer rather than wine, you could go for a brewery tour! You will be tasting some of the best beers of the world, all under one roof. However, along with all this alcohol, make sure you do not drink and drive as it could be highly dangerous and fatal.

Water Sports

If you and your friend need the adrenaline rush and are into water sports then you can spend your bachelor’s party by taking part in different types of water sports. You guys can opt for swimming, sailing, surfing, water skiing, wake boarding and much more. This is also a great option for a bachelor’s party if it is taking place in the summertime.

You and your friends can hit the beach and spend the whole day in the waters, while you spend your last day as a bachelor. It will be a great and unique way of celebrating your bachelorhood and stepping into marriage.

Rent a Cabin in the Woods

You might have seen horror movies where a bunch of teenagers rent a cabin in the woods and end up getting killed. However, if you choose to rent a cabin in the forest for your bachelor’s party, we hardly doubt that is going to happen. You can go for a cabin in the mountains or hills and drive up to there, while carrying your favourite drinks with you.

You can either drive around or go trekking to check out the area. Apart from that, you and your friends can booze together till the last man stands.

Spa Day

You might already be stressed about the wedding day and everything going on for the pre-wedding celebrations. If you need to relax a little bit, why not opt for a spa session at your bachelor’s party? You and your friends could have a treat of different spa treatments, such as a Thai massage, Swedish massage, facials, manicure, pedicure, body scrub, and much more.

These treatments will help you relax more than you could imagine and will help you de-stress as well. Sure this doesn’t include drinking all that booze, but you can always indulge in drinking after you are done with the spa.

Biking Tour

Sure, you could take a road trip, but what’s better than that old school biking? Get your hand on a few bikes if you and your friends don’t already own one and get started with a tour on bikes. Make sure these are tough motorcycles that we are talking about. You could choose a destination that isn’t too far, but not nearby as well.

However, when it comes to riding a bike, make sure that you and your friends are wearing the right biking gear such as a helmet and a jacket. Apart from that, you guys should not indulge in drinking during the ride. Once you reach the destination, stay there for a night and party till the sun shines bright.


When it comes to planning a bachelor’s party, the first thing that comes to our mind is a strip club and drinking. However, a bachelor’s party isn’t just all about that. It is the celebration of a man who is about to tie the knot and start a new chapter in his life along with the love of his life.

So whether you plan on taking a cruise or going to rent a cabin in the forest, ensure that you make the most of it with your friends because it will be the last time for you to be a single man. After that, life will go forward with your spouse and later on your kids will come into the picture.

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