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Unique Career options for Men

Never let society tell you what to do! As a man you are always expected to make a career in some of the most renowned fields, however going for unconventional arenas not only sets a benchmark for others but also opens up various prospects for you. There are many fields where the number of male participation on a professional level is intensely low. Go for those unique career options and witness growth by leaps and bounds.

Today in this vast developing world where gender equality has become a quotidian term, men still are prey to take up generic career paths, ignoring the unique career options that they can pursue. When you feed in the words ‘Best Career Options For Men’ on your preferred search engine, software developer, engineer, analyst and more, top the list. We are well aware that these fields are dominated by male population, however, it also is a bane.

As a guy you are always encouraged to take these pathways and make a career out of what everyone from your gender is following. But should it not be erased now? We are asking these thought provoking questions because we know how men suffer with these societal expectations. The usual dialogue of family members, “My son would be an engineer”, has shattered many dreams and has put many men in a dubious situation where they fail to perform.

Without delving deep in the evils of expectations that set in because of gender, today we will highlight the unconventional career path that men can take and excel (breaking the stereotypes that hinders them from growth).


The skewed number of male and female therapists is appalling. According to several research papers, females dominate the field, consisting approximately 76% of the total therapist populace, while men belong to the rest 24%, making it a women’s profession in the United States. However, you can always change it. With more awareness about mental health issues, the requirement for therapists is rising and the arena is turning out to be very lucrative for those who want to make a difference in people’s lives. To become a therapist that includes psychotherapists, behavioral therapists, cognitive behavioral therapists to name a few, you need to have a Masters degree in the field of psychology or other related subjects. Many therapists also go for doctoral degrees to have a better understanding of the human mind.


Doulas are professionally trained labor assistants who provide support to the parents during childbirth. One of the most interesting yet disturbing facts about doulas are they have been women. But “why” is the question we want to ask? As a man, you can always take it up as your profession which just requires right knowledge. When we talk about diversity and gender norms, inclusivity is the priority. As a doula, you have to assist the birthing parent during the labor and provide post labor care too. Entering this women-led field is definitely a difficult choice, however, it is proving to be an exceptionally good and unique career option for men who want to practice it.


Massage is very common amongst women but most of the men are far away from this. If you think this is disturbing as spa and massage is the requirement of body and mind irrespective of gender, then you should hear about the number of male masseuses. The percentage is just 20% in the US, which not only makes it a women dominated field but also a good prospect for men who want to pursue it. To become a professional masseuse, you should have proper and rigorous training from a good institute that provides knowledge about the human body. There are many organizations that provide various programs focused on massage therapy. Once you complete your theoretical as well as practical training, you can either start your own spa center or work with a renowned organization catering into this field.

Social Worker

When it comes to social work, again women are ruling the roost. But nobody said that as a man you cannot enter this humanitarian field. Today the percentage of men in social work is 16.1% in the United States, however as a generation of changemakers, we can always alter it and make it more inclusive. There is no harm in fighting for the rights of others and assisting the people to make the world a better place. As a man you can always voice your opinion and go forward to rectify the social evils.


Nobody ever defined career choices based on gender, however we seem to follow it blindly. As a man you can take up the responsibility and set up a name in many unconventional fields by going for unique career options. Your career should always be according to your preferences and choices rather than a forced one. Your passion and determination should be the main factors to choose a particular role rather than your gender, which just acts as a hindrance to your dreams.

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