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Is It Possible To Break Your Penis?

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Featured man suffering pain in penis

Men have often been concerned about their penises. For many men, as they give it a notion, the penis is the ‘main part’ of the body.

By this, we can understand that men are concerned about their sexuality and their genital part a lot. But there is also a conception about ‘penis breaking’.

Well is it really possible to ‘break’ your penis? What really is penile fracture? How do men get their penis fractured?

Here's everything men need to know about penile fracture, including symptoms and a complete understanding of the condition.

Is it possible for the penis to get fractured?

Doctor analyzing penile fracture

As we know that fracture is the term used for injury to bones, and biologically penis is not a bone.

Dr. Tobias Köhler, a urologist at Mayo Clinic, wrote in an article for Urology Care Foundation that:

“Yes. It is possible for a man to "break" his penis, but not in the same way as you would otherwise break a bone, such as your wrist, since a penis does not contain any bones.

However, there is a "break" that can take place in a man's erect penis that I feel similar to a fracture. It can cause extreme pain.

Typically, with a penile fracture a loud cracking sound can be heard (but not always), and the man will lose his erection right away.”

Men are often confused about the issues of the penis. This usually happens due to a lack of knowledge and prevailing misconceptions among the male community.

Before we dive into the details of penile fractures, let us examine the functions of the penis.

Understanding what your Penis does

Couple having intimate moment

  • The penis plays a vital role in reproduction by delivering sperm into the female reproductive tract during sexual intercourse, facilitating fertilization.

  • It serves as a passageway for evacuating urine and allows the bladder to release waste materials.

  • The penis has the capacity to swell with blood, achieving the erect posture required for sexual activity.

  • Its numerous nerve endings provide sensitivity and delightful sensations during sexual action, serving as a sensory organ.

Signs of Penile Fracture

man having pain in penis

Can a man tell if he has a penile fracture?

Are there any kinds of severe pain or swellings involved? How does the penis show signs of injury? How to deal with a situation as such when you’ve got a penile fracture?

Do not worry as we have got you covered with all the answers to these questions.

According to an expert article published by the Mayo Clinic: -

A penis fracture differs from other fractures in the body because the penis has no bones. During an erection, the penis is engorged with blood that fills two cylinders (corpora cavernosa).

If an engorged penis is bent suddenly or forcefully, the trauma can rupture the outer lining of one of the two cylinders (tunica albuginea). This can result in a penis fracture.

The trauma is often caused by sexual intercourse, such as when the penis slips out of the vagina and is accidentally thrust against the pelvis.

But a penis fracture can also occur due to aggressive masturbation or ‘taqaandan’, a cultural practice in which the top of an erect penis is forcefully bent to relax an erection.

A penis fracture often results in a penis that bulges and appears purple, looking somewhat like an eggplant. Signs and symptoms of a penis fracture include:

  • Immediate penile pain

  • A popping or cracking sound

  • Rapid loss of erection

  • Swelling in the penile shaft

Let us explore further as to what are some common signs of penile fracture:

  • The 'Popping' sound: Most penile fractures happen during sexual activity and are frequently accompanied by a distinctive crackling or popping sound and sensation.

  • Severe pain: Pain from penile fractures can range from minor to severe, while you cannot feel anything at all. To determine whether your pain might be caused by a penile fracture, think about whether it started during intercourse or after being hit in the penis.

  • Immediate Swelling: Internal bleeding may cause the affected penile area to swell and bruise quickly.

  • Deformity of your penis: The penis may assume an aberrant shape, sometimes bending or curving in the injured area.

  • Difficulties during urination: Hematuria (blood in the urine) and urethral damage can both make urination difficult or painful. A person suffering from penile fracture may have severe pain while urinating, or other forms of urination difficulties.

  • Loss of Erection: This injury often causes an abrupt loss of the erect state. The swelling and pain, and also the blood secretion out of your penis, may result in loss of erection to your penis.

It is important for men to recognize these signs and start to take medical guidance as soon as possible. Your intimate health should be of top priority.

Not because you consider it as your ‘main part’, but also because these body parts are sensitive and ignorance of any minute injury can often lead to worse consequences, and no man would like to entertain any adverse consequence to his intimate health or reproductive health.

Is Masturbation in males also a cause of Penile fracture?

masturbation related banana image

No evidence shows that masturbation or excessive masturbation causes penile fractures in men.

Masturbation brings joy and pleasure and usually doesn't cause harm or accidents.

Penile fractures often happen during sexual activity when the erect penis is bent or forcefully struck against a hard surface. This can cause significant damage.

Fast and forceful pressure on the penis can cause injuries. These injuries can result in a tear in the protective membrane around the erectile tissue.

Sexual activity is the main cause of penile fractures. However, other situations can also lead to it. These situations include intense masturbating, rolling over, or falling on the erect penis..

What can be done if you’ve broken your Penis?

doctors performing surgery

1. Diagnosis

Imaging investigations and clinical examination are frequently combined to diagnose penile fractures.

Here are three medical methods to diagnose penile fractures in patients:

  • Physical Examination: A medical professional will carry out a complete physical examination, paying particular attention to how the penis looks and feels. They will look for symptoms of a penile fracture, such as swelling, bruising, deformity, and pain.

  • Retrograde urethrogram: This method, in order to evaluate any potential urethral injury, involves injecting a contrast dye into the urethra and taking X-rays. Penile fractures may often be accompanied by urethral damage.

  • MRI or ultrasound: In some circumstances, MRI or ultrasound scans may be used to determine the amount of the damage, validate the diagnosis, and evaluate the health of the tunica albuginea.

2. Treating Penile Fracture

According to a study published on the original website of Cleveland Clinic, it is found that -

Penile fracture is most often treated with surgery.

Your surgeon will repair the tunica albuginea with stitches. Your provider can also look for other injuries, such as a tear in the urethra.”

Here are several certified medical methods that are used for the treatment of penile fracture:

  • Immediate Surgery: The main course of care for a penile fracture is surgery. In order to ensure appropriate healing and alignment of the erectile tissues, the operation seeks to reapproximate the damaged borders of the tunica albuginea using sutures. Most frequently, either local or general anesthetic is used during the surgery.

  • Hematoma Drainage: To relieve pressure and reduce risks, the surgeon may drain a substantial hematoma (blood collection) if it is present inside the penile tissues.

  • Urethral Repair: If there is an associated urethral injury, it will also be repaired during the surgery to ensure proper urinary function.

  • Postoperative Care: Following surgery, patients are instructed to relax and refrain from sexual activity for a predetermined amount of time, typically four to six weeks, in order to promote optimal recovery.

Bottomline: Looking at how should men deal with Penile fracture

Penile fracture risk can be decreased by using the right lubrication, communicating openly with your partner, and avoiding situations that could result in severe bending.

During sexual engagement, pay attention to your body's cues. Stop right away if you experience any discomfort or pain to avoid potential harm.

Exercising regularly promotes overall wellness, including cardiovascular health and muscle strength, which can improve sexual performance and lower accident risk.

Visit a doctor or other healthcare professional frequently for checkups.

This can lower the risk of injuries like penile fractures. It does so by identifying and addressing any medical issues that may impact your sexual health.

Written By - Bhagwat Jha

Edited By - Puneet Kapani

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