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Types of Accessories for Men to Own

While men love to stay in fashion and follow most of the fashion trends like they are following a guru, they can often make the mistake of not wearing accessories while wearing an outfit. Whether they are wearing smart casuals or a suit, they can often leave behind the accessories they are supposed to wear with it.

Accessories are a part of fashion and should be worn in order to make a fashion statement. Just by wearing the latest design by the best of fashion houses, you cannot make a style statement if you are not adding the required accessories with it. In the past, accessories used to be a luxury that not all men could afford. However, in today’s era, accessories are available to everyone.

Days of thinking that you are not sure if you should go for accessories with your casual shirts or velvet suits are over. Accessories are a part of your outfit and make you unique as well as create your individuality. However, if you are one of those men who has no idea what kind of accessories they should own, we might be able to help you out. Have a look below:


In today’s era, time can be seen anywhere and everywhere, like your smartphone, laptop as well as your car. However, not wearing a watch can completely ruin your look whether you are wearing a graphic tee with ripped jeans or even a business suit.

Watches have been a well known friend to men since decades, not only functionality wise but look wise as well. While they make you look like you mean business, their look has been changing since they were founded. There are endless brands of watches out there that provide men stylish as well as graceful watches.

Apart from that, when it comes to choosing a watch, you can go for a mechanical one, an automatic one, a digital one, an analog one or even a smart watch which has been in the trend since a while.


Whether you are going for a long drive or just to the beach for a date, sunglasses can add great value to your look. They are stylish, tinted and completely change your look. While this is one of the most used accessories during the summer season, it can be worn during the winter time as well.

When it comes to choosing sunglasses for yourself, there are different varieties to go for. First come the round sunglasses which are a major hit in the fashion industry right now. As a pleasure to the eye, they give men a great photogenic look, no matter what your face shape is.

Along with that, come the vintage sunglasses which have been in the trend since a while. The new generation of men have been into vintage sunglasses for a while making it the new trend.

Next come the beach sunglasses that are mostly used when you are travelling, especially to beach destinations. With your print shirts and light coloured shorts you can always add these beach sunglasses.

Apart from that, come the classic sunglasses which can be worn for any and every event. These are affordable sunglasses that are available in every price range.


If you are into wearing too much jewellery, such as plenty of gold chains, rings as well as bracelets, it might get too loud as well as gaudy and distract the attention from your outfit as well. If you want to wear a bit of jewellery along with your outfit, you can always add a ring, such as a diamond or a gold ring to your outfit, no matter what type of clothes you are wearing.

You can always go for simple bands that look the best on you as well as choose something apart from gold and silver. Don’t think that a ring should be worn only after you get married. Go for something unique, like platinum.

Ties and Bow Ties

When it comes to wearing ties, most men believe that ties should only be worn during a formal setting, such as a formal meeting. However, the truth is that a tie can be worn with your casual outfits as well. While ties always go with your business suits, they certainly have a special place with your smart casual during evening events as well as social gatherings.

Apart from that, when it comes to bow ties, they certainly make you look dapper with your suit when you replace it with your tie. If you are going to a wedding, a bow tie is a must with your suit. Make sure that it matches with the colour of your suit and is in contrast with your shirt.


Not all men are able to carry off a hat when it comes to making a fashion statement. However, if you are all set to step out of your comfort zone, you can always pick up a hat, whether it is a baseball cap or a fedora hat that makes you look dapper. Whether you are just going to the beach to get tanned or having a bad hair day, a hat can always make a difference to your look.

Tie Clip

Whether you are wearing a business suit for a work meeting or going to a casual event wearing a nice suit, a tie clip can always make a difference. Although it is not mandatory to wear a tie clip with a suit, it can certainly make you look like a perfect gentleman, by adding a special touch to your outfit. Apart from that, it is quite affordable so it is not going to create any budget problems for you.

Dress Socks

While men don’t think much when it comes to buying socks for themselves, they should always own a few pairs of dress socks, especially if they are wearing a suit. Get rid of those white socks that you own. Dress socks have always been in fashion and are appropriate for all types of outfits, whether it is smart casuals or business suits.

Weekender Bags

All men love to travel and they all need a bag to carry their luggage apart from the suitcase. Well, we would love to inform you that trash bags are no longer an option. In fact it never was, even though you were using it all this while. Weekender bags, on the other hand, are a great choice for you as they are not only useful but look good as well.


While it has always been believed that women are the ones who are supposed to accessorise themselves, men are too supposed to wear certain accessories if they want to make a style statement. While you might be wearing some of the best brands, spending most of your money on these brands, if you forget all about the above given accessories, then it is going to go to waste.

When it comes to wearing accessories, make sure that you do not get too loud as well as too many colours into your outfit, no matter what you are wearing. Overdoing the accessories is not an option. If you are wearing three rings in each finger, a hat, a printed tie along with a pair of sunglasses, you are certainly accessorising the wrong way.

Make sure that you are sticking to three main colours and not adding four or more colours as that will make you go loud as well as be hard to carry. One of the most obvious pieces of advice that we would like to give is that you must fit your accessories with your outfit. Adding a tie with a graphic tee is certainly the worst fashion statement you could ever make.

The truth about fashion today is that the trend today is not to own the most expensive watch or the most expensive business suit. The most trending styles are actually not too expensive and are quite affordable for any man who wants to make a fashion statement today. Along with that, when you accessorise your outfit the right way, you won’t only look your best but will also make a great impression on other people as well.

When it comes to purchasing these different types of accessories, you can always buy different styles and types of accessories, such as a few pairs of sunglasses, watches, rings, ties, bow ties, hats, tie clips, dress socks as well as weekender bags in order to make sure that you always look a new you when you step out of the house. Always look into the mirror and check if your accessories match with your outfit as well as are not loud. Good luck!

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