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Trending requests to make to your barber

Hairstyling is undoubtedly the most important part of your physical appearance. With every haircut, your features are further enhanced. And, no matter what the occasion is—a tour with friends or a job interview—a good hairstyle can make or break the deal.

A good hairstyle isn't just about societal interactions. The British Beauty Council suggests a close bond exists between a rejuvenated mood and a visit to the salon, making a barbershop visit more than just a grooming session. Essentially, a haircut is more impactful than you could imagine. So, take advantage of our guidelines and dive into trends to get it right every time you visit a barber.

It's a routine every few weeks for all men to sit in the barber's chair and answer the age-old question of the desired hairstyle.

However, it's the rarest of events when men put their thoughts into the right words. To keep up with the latest barber trends and ensure your styling tips are up-to-date, this article is for all men who are looking to get a hold of trendy hairstyles. Also, by the end of the article, you will have bridged the communication gap with your barber to get yourself a step closer to your trending hairstyle for men.

How do I talk to your barber?

Sometimes, it's not about having the right hairstyle in mind, but rather your failure to express it. Whether you've had a bad haircut experience or you're unsure about your hair type, effective communication is key. So, let's begin with the basics of how you should request that your barber get the perfect haircut for yourself.

Research yourself

To begin with, if you are really at your barber’s spot for the perfect look, you can't just blindly go for it. You need to do your research to gain clarity on what you want, taking into consideration your current hair, whether it's long, short, curly, or straight. Understanding your hair type or head shape is crucial to selecting the right hairstyle for you. This knowledge will guide you toward a decent haircut that complements your features. Again, if you still can't figure it out, you can always discuss it with your barber, seeking their professional advice to ensure you achieve the desired result.

The barber’s terminology

A lot of times, the communication gap is to blame for the haircut mistakes. You see, barbers are professionals but cannot read our minds. So, do a bit of homework to actually express yourself and also understand what your barber is saying. For instance, these specific terms may help you put your desired hairstyle into words.

  • Inches to specify the desired hair length.

  • A Tapered cut refers to a gradual increase in hair length towards the head top.

  • Fade cut refers to very short hair and gives a transitioning appearance to the skin.

  • Layered cuts give a flow-like feel to long hair.

A picture is better

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and the same holds true for communicating your desired hairstyle to your barber. Sharing a picture provides a clearer and more precise representation than verbal descriptions alone. So, the next time you come across a hairstyle that you think suits you perfectly, be sure to have a picture on hand. Alternatively, if you've had a haircut you particularly enjoyed, capture it in a photo for reference.

Your lifestyle matters

Your hairstyle and lifestyle have an intricate bond. A brief discussion on what your daily work involves can help your barber figure out a hairstyle that will fit.

Your last haircut

Hair growth varies individually. Therefore, knowing when you last had a haircut will give your barber an idea about your hair length.

Trending hairstyle requests for men

Here is a list of hairstyles for men that you can request from your barber. No matter if the hair is short, medium, or long, the listed men's hairstyles blend in well for all men.

The Best Short Hairstyles for Men

If you have short hair, then these trendy hairstyles can be the answer to your hairstyle searches.


The crewcut is a timeless classic. Its simplified yet elegant look is the go-to hairstyle for men who want to keep their haircuts low-maintenance. This involves shorter sides and back hair, while the top hair is long.



It is a classic hairstyle that has had a renaissance in the present. Similar to a crew cut, the back and side hair are kept short while the top hair is long. The top hair is then pushed backwards to manifest the pompadour look. One can try slight modifications, such as faded sides, to fit into the contemporary styling.


Messy hair

It's not always those hairstyles that have been aligned that tick the right boxes. On some occasions, you need a carefree look, and messy hair is the one to rescue. After trimming top hair to a desired length, a bit of comb work will give you this trendy look.



If you are ready to put in efforts to have an iconic blend of bold and glamour, undercut is the way to go. It is characterized by the distinction between long and short hair. But the trick is to maintain the length as it is, which requires perfect trims from time to time.


Side part

Yet another timeless classic that still charms the world is the side-part hairstyle. This men's hair style includes trimming the top hair to 2-3 inches and sliding it towards the side, creating a distinct look.


The Best Medium and Long Hairstyles for Men

For men with medium hair length, these trendy hairstyles are a must on your list of requests for your barber.

Surfer hair

This is the nature-inspired, carefree version for medium-length hair. The mid-length can be left as such with minimal styling. However, adding layers perfects it.

Layered hair

Layered cuts involve hair lengths of various inches. It can range from short layers to give volume and longer ones to give a wavy flow to the hair. This way of layering works well for men with long hair at the same time.



This men's hairstyle can give an edgy look to natural laid-back vibes based on lengths. Its specialty lies in its ability to enhance the features of the face. The look involves the top hair falling on to the forehead and being swept front or sideways as per the suitability of the facial features.



This hairstyle has short hair on the crown and long hair towards the ends. Besides, this layered cut adds texture and gives volume to the whole length of the hair.


Half-man bun

This hairstyle combines the practicality of a bun with the freeness of flowy hair. The crown hair is tied up in a bun, while the edges are kept loose. Men with long hair can also achieve this classy look.



A good hairstyle can boost confidence and mental health. Besides, with the evolving social trends, a transition exists for the hair trends every once in a while. So, to keep yourself trendy, a bit of research and catching up with your barber are a must.

To ease up the communication gap with your barber, you should begin understanding their terminology, such as fade, taper, etc. Besides, for the perfect cut, a picture of your desired hairstyle can benefit the situation much more than words.

Also, you can try out several hairstyle trends based on your hair length. For shorter hair, a crewcut or pompadour would be excellent. Whereas for medium and long hair, surfer or layered would work well. A key point to remember is to pay attention to what your lifestyle activities look like so that you can get the perfect hairstyle to blend in with your workplace.

Written by: Sameena

Edited by: Aniket Joshi

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