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Trending Hot: Shoe Styles for Men

When we talk about men’s fashion, it includes some of the best pieces of clothing for men such as bold prints, bright colours, avant garde as well as suits. Whether a man opts for something street style or high end fashion, the latest trends are able to style you for it.

However, while you might be choosing some of the most luxurious fashion houses to dress up in, you can never forget to take care of your shoes. Shoes are as important as that dinner jacket or those ripped jeans, as they not only have to be in style and trendy but have to be comfortable for your feet as well.

While there are a lot of styles of shoes available for a man, there are not many which are in style as well as in fashion. In order to make a style statement every time you step out of the house, you need to make sure that you are wearing the right shoes for your outfit, which are in fashion. Have a look at some of these different stylish shoes below:


Sneakers are one of the most casual shoes that any man can wear, whether he is going for a date or a social gathering. Invented in the year of 1890, these are available in two styles that are high top as well as low top. While you can pair this style of shoes with sweatshirts, graphic tees as well as casual shirts, it is well known that you can wear them with any type of attire.

Apart from that, these are one of the most classic styles of shoes known for their different varieties, such as all over print, side zipped, monogrammed two tone as well as classic chunks. When it comes to styling your sneakers, make sure that you don’t stuff the end of your trousers into the high top sneakers.

Along with that, when it comes to pairing your sneakers with lowers, you can add a pair of shorts, chinos, jeans, or slim fit torn jeans with them, topped with a white tee as well as a rider jacket to complete the look. Some of the best brands to buy sneakers from are Nike, Puma, Woodland as well as Converse.


Known to be one of the finest as well as regal footwear for men, Oxfords are one style of shoes which should be in every man’s closet. This is a proper dress shoe which goes with a formal or business suit and originated from Ireland as well as Scotland. This style of shoes became highly popular when the rebel students of the Oxford University started wearing it instead of the usual ankle length boots or the knee length boots.

When you go to shop for Oxfords, you will find a few varieties as well such as wingtip, cap toe, buck as well as Oxford inspired varieties. You can always identify this style of shoes from its closed lacing system that features a tight stitching style.

When it comes to wearing formals, such as suits, for either a business meeting or a job interview, this style of shoes is the first choice that a man makes instead of other styles of shoes. These Oxfords are mostly found in brown or black leather.


Derbies are a good choice to make an attire look complete, although they are technically a bit less formal than the regular Oxfords, which are made for formal attire. It is a well known fact that in the olden days, this style of shoes was used for hunting activities as well as a sporting shoe.

When it comes to its function fit as well as comfort, Derbies are always at the top of the list, while making a fashion statement on the side. Spotting a Derby is quite easy with its distinct open-throated silhouette, above the vamp as well as parallel running leather flaps around the lace eyelets. Apart from that, it has well segmented designs with an open lacing system as well as flap design sports.

When it comes to its durability and grip, a Derby is quite reliable as it has either rubberized or leather sole. A man can always pair it with denims or a suit to enhance his style. Apart from that, if you are opting for a casual look, Derbies in suede are a practical choice, especially in genuine leather to pull off a classy as well as a polished look.


Bluchers and Derbies can look quite similar as they both have an open lacing style, however, when you look properly at a pair of Bluchers, you will recognise them as unlike Derbies, they have large lace eyelet quarters. Unlike Derbies, two sides under the vamp are connected in Bluchers.

Bluchers have a rich history, dating back to Napoleon’s period and were worn by the Prussian army to defeat their French counterparts. When it comes to their varieties, some of them that you can find are semi brogue, plain as well as wingtip. Made up of materials such as calfskin leather and cowhide, this style of shoes is crafted with the Goodyear technique which makes them durable as well as reliable.

When it comes to styling these shoes, you can add them with a party attire, such as a velvet or silk shirt. You can also pair them up with your formal clothes, such as a suit or a tuxedo with a pair of plain classic Bluchers.

Chelsea Boots

One of the favourite styles of shoes of men for over 150 years, Chelsea Boots come from the Victorian era and are designed with a low heel with rounded toes along with a tiny heel tab as well as the vamp using a single leather piece. This style of shoes started becoming popular when the British rock stars started wearing it and are now a must have for your winter as well as fall collection.

Known to be a type of dress shoes, Chelsea boots have a well pronounced lace design with a sturdy construction which make them a great choice for activities such as trekking, camping as well as hunting. These shoes have elastic sides along with a sleek toe design which makes these ankle boots easy to wear, unlike other boots.

Apart from that, these Chelsea boots have a minimalist look and are classy at the same time which makes them a great choice for a semi formal event. If you are wearing something formal, black Chelsea boots are the right choice for you. Apart from that, if you have brown Chelsea boots, you can pair them up with a casual, semi formal or smart casual ensemble. If you own suede Chelsea boots, give yourself an edgy look by pairing them with casual attire.


Known to be designed by a process called broguing, Brogues are a style of shoes that are owned by every man. Originally, Brogues came into the picture of men’s fashion when Irishmen wore them while crossing swamps as well as bogs with its functional feature that allowed water to drain through them.

When it comes to styling these shoes, English Brogues go very well with waxed jackets made of cotton as well as a tweed blazer along with a pair of chinos or jeans. However, when it comes to formal wear, such as a suit, you can always add a pair of brown or black Brogues with them. The fact about this style of shoes is that the less broguing on the shoes, the more formal it becomes.


Shoes are one of the most important parts of your whole attire as your whole body is standing on your two feet. This means that your feet need to be as comfortable as possible, no matter what style of shoes you choose to wear. Whether you opt for Chelsea boots or want to go for something as formal as Oxfords, it would be better that they fit your feet properly and are neither too loose nor too tight.

The above given styles of shoes are some of the most trending types of shoes that men are wearing today and that are a must have for your closet. Whether you are into wearing something casual or mostly wear formal attire, these styles of shoes have to be a part of your fashion trend, especially if you want to make a fashion statement in society.

However, while choosing the right shoes for your ensemble, wearing chunky sole sneakers with a business suit is not exactly how you will be able to make a fashion statement. Make sure that you choose the right shoes for your casual, smart casual as well as formal attire to stay in the limelight.

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