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Trending Accessories for Ethnic Wear In 2023

Men in ethnic wears

Ethnic clothing has always been an important aspect of men's fashion, showcasing the world's rich cultural heritage and diversity of designs. Men's ethnic dress is regaining appeal in 2023, with a revived emphasis on accessories that give flair, personality, and a touch of modernity to traditional attire. In this post, we will look at the top ethnic wear accessories for 2023 to help you up your style game and leave a memorable impression.

Accessories You Must Not Miss On

Statement Turbans

A Rajasthani man in traditional turban

Turbans are making a strong comeback as a fashion statement. Turbans with vibrant embroidery in contrasting hues may instantly upgrade your traditional style. Experiment with various fabrics, ranging from silk to brocade, and select ornate designs that reflect your personality and the occasion.

Traditional Pocket Squares

Pocket squares

Pocket squares are timeless accessories that may give a touch of class to any ethnic ensemble. Consider wearing pocket squares in bright colors, elaborate prints, or even embroidered motifs that match your outfit in 2023. Fold them in a unique way to make a fashion statement.

Kolhapuri Chappals

A pair of kolhapuri chappals

Kolhapuri chappals have long been a mainstay of Indian ethnic dress. These handcrafted leather sandals are both comfy and fashionable. To enhance your ensemble, look for trendy alternatives with unusual features, like embellishments or colorful soles.

Statement Necklaces

A traditional Indian groom in ethnic attire

Bold and massive necklaces are becoming fashionable as ethnic wear statement accessories. Choose patterns that feature semi-precious stones, ornate craftsmanship, or antique finishes to complement your kurta or sherwani. These necklaces can make your outfit look more majestic.

Exquisite Brooches

A man in black sherwani

Brooches are flexible ornaments that can be pinned to your kurta or sherwani to add an elegant touch. To fit the event, look for brooches with traditional designs, pearls, or crystals. They have the ability to instantly boost your clothing and draw attention to the details.

Modern Waistcoats

A man wearing a waistcoat

Waistcoats are no longer merely an extra layer; they are now fashion statements in their own right. Choose waistcoats made of luxurious fabrics such as velvet or silk, and experiment with embroidered or printed patterns. A well-fitted waistcoat can elevate your ethnic ensemble to a fashionable level.

Designer Shawls & Stoles

A man draping a stole around his neck

Stoles and shawls are functional yet fashionable accessories that can be worn around the neck or draped over the shoulders. Look for designer outfits that feature delicate stitching, traditional themes, or modern prints. These accessories not only give warmth to your attire but also texture and style.

New Watches

A watch on a man's wrist

A traditional clock might be the perfect complement to your ethnic ensemble. Choose a watch with a leather or metal strap that suits your outfit's hues. Choose classic designs or modern versions with a cultural touch.

Belts With Embroidery

A traditional Indian Sherwani with a belt

Belts are no longer merely functional accessories; they are also fashionable accents to ethnic clothing. Belts with traditional motifs, metal accents, or beaded elements can constrict your waist and enhance your look, particularly when worn with kurtas or sherwanis.

Nehru Jackets

A man in traditional Indian attire

Nehru jackets are short, tailored jackets with a Nehru collar. It's a flexible item that can go with everything from kurtas and pajamas to sherwanis and dhotis. Nehru jackets come in a range of colors and textures, so you may select one that matches your outfit well.

Bandi Jackets

Men wearing bandi jackets

A bandi jacket is a long, waistcoat-style jacket worn over a kurta and pajama. It is a more traditional accessory than the Nehru jacket and is frequently seen at weddings and festivals. Bandi jackets come in a range of fabrics and embellishments, allowing you to find one that is both attractive and comfortable.

Here Are Some Styling Ideas For Ethnic Wear Accessories

  • Keep it simple: Don't go overboard with accessories. An overabundance of accessories can make your outfit appear cluttered and overbearing.

  • Choose accessories that compliment your attire: When selecting accessories, consider the color, style, and fabric of your ethnic dress.

  • Don't be afraid to experiment: When it comes to styling accessories, there are no hard and fast rules. Don't be scared to try different combinations until you find a look you like.


Accessories stand out as the distinguishing feature of sartorial refinement in the vivid tapestry of men's ethnic dress for 2023. Statement turbans decorated with exquisite embroidery give traditional clothing a new touch while showing a mix of cultural history and contemporary flair. Sherwanis and kurtas are given a touch of elegance by exquisite brooches and lapel pins decorated with local patterns. With delicately embroidered kolhapuris that embody Indian workmanship, footwear acquires an opulent touch. Men's ethnic clothing has a distinctive charm thanks to the resurgence of pocket squares, finely woven stoles, and new watches. These accessories allow men to exhibit their individual fashion sensibility within the context of ethnic wear in 2023 by elegantly fusing heritage and style.

Written By: Ishita Singh

Edited By: Chirajita Gupta

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