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Travelling solo? We got you – Men and travel

Men make up about 80% of our readership. Yes, men do travel alone. Traveling alone can be confusing and scary for both men and women. But if you look at what other websites have to say about solo travel, you wouldn’t think so. They pay close attention to the ladies. Everybody is welcome to read the postings on Solo Traveler, whether they are young, elderly, gay, straight, brown, black, or white.

Our in-house wanderlust Palak Sharma has especially written this article for men who travel alone, it’s time to strike a balance.

Ten Tips for Men to travel solo

Men often rush in without thinking, so take a seat and watch what happens. Spend some time observing how a culture operates, taking advantage of the possibilities that are provided, and letting things grow.

Try to be friendly; you might not be as intimidating as you think you are

Males in the West are often much bigger than men in other regions of the world. Therefore, try to be nice, especially if you’re a huge guy. Take off your sunglasses so others can see your eyes, smile, and speak softly.

Stay in control at all times by limiting your use of alcohol and drugs.

Drinking, doing drugs, or simply being really exhausted can make you react to a challenging situation less calmly than usual. Being in the wrong place at the wrong moment or being provoked into a fight can lead to major issues when travelling to another country. It’s crucial to stay composed so you can handle a situation well.

While taking risks might be exciting, don’t overdo it.

Everyone must be aware of their limitations. With a brief scuba lesson, you might be prepared for a short dive but not for a deep one limitations. While renting a motorcycle in Thailand may be simple, it’s not the best place to pick one up if you’ve never ridden before. The message is a simple one: Look before you leap.

No one wants to lose items, but it does happen, so keep the devices to a minimum.

Try to just bring the items you need and avoid bringing along highly priced ones that can draw attention. They increase the load and the number of things to remember.

Wear pants with a zipped pocket inside the front pocket to protect your belongings against pickpockets.

It’s far superior to any other pocket, though not quite as wonderful as a money belt. It will lessen the likelihood that your wallet will be taken.

Bring a little roll of duct tape with you cause what guy doesn’t appreciate duct tape?

Bring a small roll with you so you may patch a bag, upgrade your first aid kit, tape a privacy screen, and amuse locals with your duct tape figurines.

Medicines and protection such as condoms are never to be left behind.

Put it in a bag and keep condoms on hand. In an Australian survey of travellers, it was discovered that men were more likely than women to get illnesses.

Either she loves you or she doesn’t.

On the road, finding love is challenging. It’s challenging to appropriately assess a woman’s reaction to you when she’s not from your culture. If you start dating seriously, it can be tough to predict if the relationship will endure when you’re not travelling. It’s crucial to keep in mind that there can be multiple reasons for wanting to get to know you. In any new relationship, be patient.

Recognise that you are also at risk for muggings.

Men occasionally assume that women need to worry more about solo travel security than guys, but I just saw statistics showing that men are just as likely to be robbed or mugged as women. However, you might benefit from the strength of eye contact. Men are expected to avoid making prolonged eye contact with women. Unlike women, though.


Travelling solo helps you in exploring a side that nobody knows. It can be scary but brings out the best in you. Here are tips for men who are travelling solo as it can be as overwhelming as it can be for a woman.

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