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Your Roadmap To A Budget-Friendly Travel

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

A man checked-in in a hotel

Imagine traveling the world while enchanted by wanderlust and never going over the mysterious Rs. threshold of finances. The idea itself may sound like a fantastical dream, but a few firms have made affordable travel into an art form, bringing the fantasy vividly to life.

The idea of going on a trip without breaking the bank can seem like a daunting undertaking in a world where there is a growing desire to explore and a strong wanderlust. But fear not, adventurous traveler—a coalition of forward-thinking brands and their reasonably priced products have uncovered a wealth of opportunities within the domain of affordable adventure.

What can one cover in 5000 bucks?

Come along with us as we explore the concept of frugal wanderlust and see the world through the eyes of these firms that are mindful of their budgets. See the wonder of affordable travel and learn how traveling for less than 5,000 INR can take your ambitions to new heights and make the world your oyster.

John Jacobs Eyewear Collection

John Jacobs Eyewear Collection
Source Image: John Jacob

When talking about comfort, eyewear, and a pocket-friendly budget, you have John Jacobs to trust easily. For less than five thousand rupees, these frames are the epitome of style without breaking the budget. Men can also try ‘FORD’ from their latest Huetopia Collection, starting from INR 3,500. These sunglasses serve as a platform for personal expression and are examples of uniqueness and inventiveness. The Huetopia line is inspired by the world's vibrant and varied color palette. Every spectacle design celebrates the variety of human experiences by paying homage to a distinct aspect of life. Let your creative side out, appreciate the colors of the world, and accomplish all of this without going over budget. It is time to look at the world with a new perspective, and with vivid and colorful options. Your world, your vision, your statement.

United Colors of Benetton- Men’s Checkered Sweater

United Colors of Benetton- Men's Checkered Sweater
Image Source: Amazon

For a unique and sophisticated winter look, this is the best sweater option to add to your wardrobe. This sweater embodies both classic charm and modern style, starting from INR 3,999. Its timeless checkered design and vibrant color combination pay homage to both modern and traditional styles, making it a flexible piece for any outfit. The fine fabric, which was expertly crafted, provides warmth and comfort without sacrificing style. As the winter season is just around the corner, this jumper is all that you might want for any event, whether you're heading to the workplace, having a laid-back evening out, or enjoying a relaxing weekend trip. This sweater is proof that stylish clothing doesn't have to be expensive. Make a statement without giving anything up.

Clinique- Minis Skincare Set (Pack Of 4)

Clinique Minis Set of 4
Image Source: Clinique

Formulated for blemish-prone skins, this mini skincare set is all that men need to have in their bags when they are on a trip. Comprising of Anti-Blemish Solutions- Cleansing Foam, Ant-Blemish Solutions- Clarifying Lotion, Anti-Blemish Solutions- All Over Clearing Treatment, and Anti-Blemish Solutions- Clinical Clearing Gel, this small, yet complete collection is like a skin-care treasure trove in just INR 2,900. Guys can experience the luxury of healthy skincare no matter where they are, thanks to the travel-sized containers, which are ideal for a life on the go. Take one tiny, yet impactful step at a time to discover the world of beauty and transformation.

Birkenstock Sandals

Birkenstock Mogami Sandal
Image Source: Birkenstock

These sandals are the perfect example of subtle elegance because they are made with the finest materials and extreme attention to detail. The Mogami Sandals by Birkenstock are the ideal complement to your wardrobe because of their sleek and simple style. Starting from INR 4,290, these footwear accompany anywhere; whether one is climbing mountains, strolling through market streets, or enjoying a breezy afternoon by the beach. They are designed for all kinds of terrains and are the ideal providers of comfort and style statements. And, what's more important is that men can get them without having to spend huge amounts of money in purchasing these pairs. So, wait not, and travel the world with Birkenstock's new Mogami sandals.

Tommy Hilfiger Black Cabin Luggage

Tommy Hilfiger black cabin luggage
Image Source: Tommy Hilfiger

Travel in style with the all-new Tommy Hilfiger Orlean Plus Printed Overnighter Dark Black Cabin Luggage for just INR 3,850. This chic overnight bag redefines affordability without sacrificing design or quality. The cabin luggage is specially curated for all those travelers who want to travel in and out, without wanting to compromise on their budget as well as quality. The black color of the bag emanates a classic elegance that works well for both professional and informal settings. With its many pockets and sections, you can neatly arrange anything in it, from clothes to necessities, and the strong zippers provide security. Thus, if you're organizing your upcoming trip and want to stay within your budget, this is a fashionable and affordable option for your travel requirements.

Wild Stone Badass Collection
Image Source: Wild Stone

Travel comes with many preparations and changes. So be prepared to make a lasting impression and smell like a million bucks with the Wild Stone Badass collection: Whisky, Cigar, and Ammo: Embrace your inner rebel with the Wild Stone Badass Perfumes. Each one has a unique and daring scent that lingers long where the tender pulses beat. Spritz these fragrances on your collar bones, behind your ears, and inner wrists for an unforgettable experience. Whisky, Cigar, or Ammo - choose your weapon of choice.

WOW Vitamin C Face Ultimate Kit

WOW Vitamin C Ultimate Face Kit
Image Source: WOW Skin Science India

So much to get done, and so many preparations! Stress reflects on your face, so be prepared to look WOW! Get the ultimate WOW Skin Science Vitamin C skincare kit for radiant, supple skin. The kit includes a 20% Vitamin C Face Serum, Brightening Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash, and

Vitamin C Face Cream. These products hydrate and repair skin, boost collagen, smooth fine

lines, and improve skin luminosity. Your skin will thank you for this trippy treat!

Price - Rs. 734/-

Asics  Gel Cumulus 25 TR
Image Source: Asics

Not just a pair of shoes, but a symbol of style, sustainability, and unmatched comfort. Dive into the sporting spirit with these shoes that are not just stylish, but also eco-friendly and performance-driven. The shoes feature sustainable practices, including a solution dyeing process that reduces water usage and materials made from recycled content. Get yourself these comfortable and stylish shoes from Asics, and treat your soul with the luxury of traveling; anytime and anywhere.


The rules of discovery have been rewritten by these imaginative brands and their reasonably priced items in the enchanted world of travel, where yearning meets budgetary restrictions. Our exploration of this terrain has shown us that adventure and affordability are compatible and that there is a world just waiting to be explored without breaking the bank.

As we've seen, the John Jacobs Eyewear Collection demonstrates that finding affordable accessories doesn't have to mean sacrificing style or quality. United Colours of Benetton reminds us that originality can flourish on a budget by showcasing the art of fashion as a vehicle for self-expression. And without breaking the bank, Clinique encourages us to elevate beauty and self-care to new levels, while Birkenstock teaches us to walk around the world in low-budget footwear too. On the other hand, Tommy Hilfiger becomes an epitome of elegance by displaying elegance. These companies are trailblazers in turning aspirations into reality, proving that one doesn't need an endless cash account to pursue their travel, style, or self-expression.

Therefore, Dear Men, keep in mind that the world's charm and the canvas of your own self-expression are well within your grasp as you embark on your next adventure—whether it be across the globe, down a runway, or just in front of your mirror—all for less than the enchanted sum of 5,000 bucks. These companies make sure that every move you take is one of style, self-discovery, and—above all—affordability. They are your friends, your stylists, and your enablers for beauty.

Written By: Chirajita Gupta

Edited By: Aniket Joshi

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