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Transitioning Men from 2022 to 2023

Men have seen their fair share of struggles and reality check over the years. Ever since the dawn of the modern era of the postmodern, men have been going through a rough patch where either you’re actually evil or you are seen as evil, there is no other way. People fail to realise that the patriarchal system doesn’t only affect women but men in many different ways. Men have been subjugated in their own ways by the forces of the patriarchal society. Good men are often seen as chauvinistic, violent and oppressive for no fault on their part except for being a man. The toxic cycle of patriarchy has created rigid archetypes for men and women where men are either hated for behaving the way of the patriarchy but are also mocked if they aren’t. You can get the idea of how tricky it can be.

Best For Him

Communities like BFH have existed to highlight the modern problems of a man to everyone, shining a light into the minds of men. Men need guidance in fashion, relations, work, mental health and even something simple as tying a tie the right way. Men are not required to learn everything themselves and can rely on BFH as like the elder brother they never had.

We at BFH have strived to increase the brotherhood and raise the position of men within the stratum of society. We stand for the cause of not only the upbringing of men but to achieve the idea of true gender equality. The upliftment of men cannot be attained if not all genders are on the same platform.

Turning the page from 22 to 23

BFH is 2 years old now, and we have been rising with our community and support rapidly. 2 years might not be a lot but we hope to be a force to reckon with so that in the near future men can come out of the shadows and be equally heard. The journey has not been any easy for lack of a better term but sure enough it has been a thing to take pride for. We have been able to reach an audience of testosterone of nearly 20,000 people worldwide. Men from all corners and financial levels have come together to hear from our best experts to make a change in themselves and grow into stronger and better men of tomorrow.

Moving on into the new year of 23’ we hope to strengthen our base even more and reach and even better audience. We will be definitely diversifying our content creating and are welcoming to join any budding talents that can help in reaching BFH into every man possible. From Youtube videos, reels, interactive posts, stories and of course with the advent of the first edition of our magazine almost done, we hope to become the answer that all males need regarding anything that they are curious about themselves and life in general.

End Note

A new year means another chance to strive for your goals with new hopes, and new determination. Best for Him welcomes every one of our members to join us in this new year where we hope to put out more content, interesting ones of course, so that not only do you know how to shave but also know the ways of the stoic.

Cheers to our growing community and a Happy New Year!

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