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Toxic Relationship Traits That Men Carry But May Be Unaware Of

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Everything in a healthy relationship works kind of smoothly, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be small fights and arguments. There is love, care, respect, and trust between you and your partner. And when these things turn into disrespect and lies, that’s when your relationship changes from healthy to toxic. And that’s when you become a red flag for your partner.

Being toxic is not something that is an in-built feature. People change with time and this evolution takes time, and that is why learning about toxic traits and evolving with time to make yourself and your relationship healthier is very important.

In this article, we shall find out a little about what relationship toxicity actually is. We will also focus on the toxic traits men carry in a relationship.

Understanding Toxicity

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Nobody is born toxic, though they might adapt these traits from their surroundings while growing up. A child usually adjusts to what he sees or suffers, so it eventually becomes a part of his life.

You may feel like your relationship is not working, but have you ever wondered if it could be because of your behavior? No one is perfect; everyone carries his flaws with him but is only afraid to show them.

If your partner feels distant and hesitates to share their concerns and thoughts with you, it could be because you have not gained their trust yet.

You might have these toxic traits but not be aware of them, so let us make you aware of them to rebuild your relationship.

Toxic Traits that Men Carry

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  • Disrespect

The first and foremost trait of a toxic personality is showing disrespect towards your partner. It can be in any manner; for example, forgetting special days, meet-up plans, or even ignorance counts. This leads to an unhealthy relationship as if you are disrespecting the emotions of your partner.

  • Aggressive nature

Getting aggressive even during the smallest mishaps is not good. You might feel sorry later and apologize, but it will stick with the other person forever. Aggressive nature shows the ugliest side of your personality, which you might not feel like showcasing, and this verbal abuse soon turns into physical abuse, which will eventually break the bond between the two of you.

  • Control freak

Are you a control freak? And want everything to be your way? This mindset is hazardous for you. You are not the only one in your relationship; the opinions of the other party are equally important and valuable. Two people working together make a relationship work. Being men, people try to be over-dominating, showing their masculinity and power over others, but things shouldn’t be this way. So, learn to be optimistic and open-minded in your relationship.

  • Jealousy factor

Being jealous of another man near your girl is quite unimaginable for you, and you hate to see that scenario as well, which is understandable. But letting that emotion take over your mind and make it to the point where you don’t trust your partner is absolutely erroneous. Girls do ask for a bit of jealousy, but when it reaches a point of infinite questions about their whereabouts, the people they are with become annoying and irritating. This trait harms the relationship in a huge way.

  • Lack of support

Supporting each other is an essential part; it makes your feelings grow more robust, builds up trust, and creates a sense of closeness. Your partner looks for you with hope in their eyes while making the most significant decision of their life, and not supporting them with that is like taking a huge step back. They will lose their self-confidence in the end. Supporting each other means standing up for each other when no one else has.

  • Envy

You must have felt self-centered when your partner got the promotion before you did, or they are doing well in their career, and on the other hand, you are yet to achieve that path. You somewhere feel happy for them, but the other part gets insecure that they might overpower you with financial problems. That should not be the case because they have worked hard to earn that money, and you are working hard for your goal and will achieve it one day. Be communicative and share your worries.

  • Lack of Communication

This is a major part of a relationship. Men usually are more of 'Doers' and less of 'Speakers'. This makes them bound to have a lack of communication and clear thoughts. Men need to understand that a relationship is not just about having love or romance-based conversations. Relationships are also about expressing your inner traits, your insecurities, your needs, and what you want from your partner. If you lack the skill of communicating, then maybe your partner will not be able to comprehend what your thoughts are, in the right way. Therefore, in order to ensure that your relationship goes on healthy lines, you must inculcate good communication habits.


Not every person is perfect, nor does he have to be. But there are certain aspects of a relationship that may worsen things, and men should mend them for their partners. Many relationships shatter because of the toxicity men unknowingly inherit. You should be the green flag for her among millions of red flags. Your partner might have some flaws, so it’s a great opportunity to sit down and talk things out.

The aforementioned are some traits men should completely avoid in their partners. This article serves as a guide on what a man should surely not inherit if he wants his relationship to last longer and be happier.

Written By - Khushi Bhardwaj

Edited By - Bhagwat Jha

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