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Tom Holland quits social media for Mental Health

Social media, while it can be one of the greatest things to have happened in the 21st century, can also be quite the bane of our lives in certain matters. Social media over the years has been seen as equally addictive as any other intoxicating substance or nicotine. This is a matter of concern amongst the general population. It has become such a part of our lives that most of us cannot go a day without using social media at least once.

With the recent news of popular celebrity Tom Holland coming out and stating his break from social media, it is also time for us to reflect on how social media might be doing more harm than good in our lives. Let us dive more into it in this article!

Tom Holland and his break

Superhero celebrity Tom Holland recently went live on Instagram and stated his opinion on social media and why he has decided to take a break. He stated that he finds social media to be overstimulating and was bothered by the negativity he saw on his Instagram and Twitter accounts on a daily basis. He even stated that it had negatively impacted his mental health.

Holland has received his ticket to fame after his debut as the character of Spiderman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Peter Parker. Even though his fame was fantastic and he had a large fan base, it came at a cost. Fans had become increasingly interested in his personal life, his relationships, and how he was as a person behind the screen. Being popular also comes with equal negativity, and people online can be ruthless. Every step that you take needs to be careful and coordinated, as one mistake can lead to a huge surge of negativity that can bring the victim to the point of self-harm and death. Holland was careful in assessing this situation. Even though he never had any negativity, he could not make everyone his fans or escape the negativity that surrounded him eventually. His decision to take off from social media is something we should all consider doing in our own lives as well. His decision was well taken, loved and supported by his fan base, and we wish him the best of luck!

The effects of social media on the general population

Social media is a rabbit hole to dive into. From its different types, such as YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram, to the huge variation of content across all the different platforms. With the recent rise of talented content creators trying to compete for a huge place on these platforms, we are left with an endless array of content to satisfy us even after we pass away. With a constant dose of dopamine in our fingerprints at all times, the social network has gone beyond connecting with your friends and loved ones to one of the biggest entertainment and information platforms of all time.

But it comes with its fair share of effects on your mental health. Social media makes you compare every aspect of your life with everyone else’s, leading to low self-esteem. With the advent of photo manipulation, the platforms have become more of a show-off place where people even go out of their way to distort their images to make them look perfect. This has led to a shallow mindset among the people and chasing standards of life that are not even real to begin with. We are all surrounded by a constant stream of plastic love.

The effects on celebrities

The social network also affects celebrities, but in ways that we are not aware of. With social media providing a space to voice out whatever opinion they have in mind. It has become  space for people to rise to different occasions and ideas and support each other as a community. But it can also backfire at times. With great surges of positivity and support comes negativity. Celebrities now have to be careful with every step they take, and that includes their social media image. One wrong move can lead to a whole circle of negativity from people that they do not even know. Constantly receiving notifications or comments of people bashing you or saying mean and abusive things can really affect anyone’s mind. This phenomenon has become quite common where celebrities are pushed to the edge by the general public through social media. So much that they have to go through therapy or even worse, take their own lives suddenly. This proves why Tom Holland’s decision was actually a sound one.


Social media is a great way to stay connected with people around the world, and its impact can never be fathomed. But it can be detrimental to your overall life if your life is mostly surrounded by it. From waking up in the morning, to your toilet breaks. To having meals, to even before sleeping, social media is an addiction that most of us have without even realising it. But it isn’t too late to take that first step and make a change to overcome this subtle but dangerous disease. You do not need the validation of the whole world to know that you are doing well in life or that you are in need of help. Sometimes it’s better to be private about it and enjoy your solitary achievements and failures.

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