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Tips to succeed on dating apps

Are you perplexed as to why you aren’t getting luckier on dating apps?

This riddle has many answers. We live in a world where super-likes have taken the place of meet-cutes and grand gestures. Let’s start from the very beginning as to why such apps are so popular and are almost synonymous with modern dating.

Dating apps as a concept have clicked with the younger generations. Instant hookups, no real commitment, and a platform where there is really a chance of them getting a date are all factors that make them click with men and women alike. Men would face an enigma as to why all their efforts haven’t been reciprocated and they struggle to find a match on dating apps. Here are some tips that will help men succeed on dating apps:

Power Imbalance

Success on dating apps can be complex for men. Best for him asked a few men about their success on dating apps. Some were shy in answering, and some said almost 10%, which is quite low. Popular dating app Bumble is a bit biassed when it comes to the egalitarian aspect of the app. It gives women always the first chance to reply to a like or super like. A survey states that almost 26% of users identified themselves as females, which makes every three men for every woman looking for a potential match. Chances are quite low for men, and not finding success on dating apps can make them feel insecure about their income, looks, etc. There’s no denying that women have the upper hand, and this is the way the game works!

Learn to catch someone’s attention

Men may have a lower success rate, but there is something they can do to improve their chances. Being authentic and providing the right information are a must. Girls usually don’t reply much to stranger accounts, as much of the information provided on dating apps is found to be false. Be authentic and choose the latest picture with good lighting. You don’t want to embarrass yourself when you somehow manage to get a date and you don’t resemble the same person as in your photos! You can make your profile more interesting by adding pictures of what you love to do. For example, cooking, dancing, or anything else Avoid using group photos or images with low resolution. Upload your latest snap with good quality.

Have an interesting Bio

Instead of copying a bio from Google, try to think of an interesting and funny bio from your brain. Come on, it’s not that hard to think of something. Try to write a biography that reflects your personality. Women like real people, even if the medium is virtual, but everyone seeks non-virtual, real-time meetings. Having no bio on your dating apps reflects that you are above everything else, which is an absolute turnoff for the other sexes. You already have high competition, and if you aren’t doing this bit, you are bound to face rejections.

Be patient

In certain situations, you may be desperate, but you don’t have to show that to the person you have matched with on dating apps. The more you try to get her into conversation, the more she will run away from you. Patience is a virtue, so just strive to have a normal conversation with her, and if she seems not to be that interested, take a break. You can always start a conversation by using her bio and forming an opinion based on that. Avoid boring conversations and try to be a bit edgy in a positive way. Always be humble and respectful while conveying your wishes. Things will only move forward if you strike a chord, and for that, you have to be patient.

Do’s for dating apps

Being consistent with someone and showing genuine interest in the person

Respecting other people’s boundaries and choices.

Stating your dating intentions clearly.

Authentic information about you and the latest picture.

Don’ts for dating apps

Some of the dont’s of dating apps include:

Disappearing after another person has shown interest in you.

Stalking them on other social media platforms after they have distanced themselves from you

Acting desperate, and repetitive messages.

Offensive and sexually coloured messages.

Using someone else’s picture.

Low-resolution pictures or old pictures.


Modern dating is a complex process, and you don’t want to feel insecure if you are not getting acknowledgement on dating apps. What you need to do is be brave and authentic to create a good first impression. Make sound choices if you want to continue using dating apps; put a more confident mind in front, and the rest will follow. If you still do not feel validated, maybe try another approach!

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