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Tips to have a more professional look

The resumption of offices after the pandemic has led to people to continue their jobs on site. This means that office culture is back and along with that people’s effort to appear presentable. As a man there are only some things you can generally wear when you go to the office. The staple shirt, trousers or polo neck and trousers, with maybe a tie and the obvious, formal shoes. But if your office allows for a more casual approach on your clothes it becomes quite tricky to pull off. You have to find the right balance to achieve te professional look.

If you are someone who struggles in appearing professional while not wearing anything formal then continue reading for the few tips we have up our sleeve!

Observing your colleagues

Observe what everyone else wears around you. If it is a traditional work space then you won’t have any problem as everyone will be in their formal business attire. But if it is a modern workspace, look around for the guy that dresses the best. Observing and learning can help you understand what it is that your outfits might be missing to give you the professional look.

Right shoes

Now that you have to go to the office in person, it might finally be the time to invest in a good pair of shoes. In a traditional work environment you won’t have to bother much as you’ll only need to wear your oxfords mostly. But in the modern work space, it would be wise to invest in a good pair of leather sneakers. They are a good balance between casual but also work great with formal outfits such as chinos ,and suits. They are a great way to have a business casual look to your style.

Good pants

In the case of pants, there is nothing more versatile than chinos. Chino pants are a great option when you want to go for a professional look yet keeping it a little more casual and comfortable. They look great with both casual and formal outfits from wearing a simple polo shirt to even a suit. They are the best investment when it comes to office wear and is guaranteed to give you that professional edge in your style.

Wearing the right fragrance

Wearing the right fragrance is crucial in an office environment. An exceedingly strong scent can be overbearing in such a close professional space and instead you appearing sexy might instead make you look like someone who is trying too hard to get attention. Wearing something that is subtle but smells fresh or energetic might be a good option. It should also be pleasing to the noses of others and give the impression of someone who takes care of themselves . A man who takes the effort to make themselves presentable. It is always good to remember while purchasing fragrance for professionalism, that you are in a work space and not at a party even though you are surrounded by a lot of people on both occasions.

Grooming on point

This is an obvious and no-brainer tip. Being in a professional atmosphere it is a must that you always show up neat and clean. Having unruly, bed-hair, unshaved beard and un-moisturised face is completely unacceptable. You need to make sure that you look always presentable and pleasing to the eyes as it will help you in making a great impression. Further improving your chances of a promotion or maybe having some great connections for the future.

Bonus tip: be punctual

No matter how good your style and grooming game is, there will be no weight to it if you are someone who always reaches late to the office. It is the most unprofessional way to present yourself and can even have chances of jeopardising your future prospects. Have a good routine so that you always wake up on time, and you are able to get yourself ready and have a professional look before you reach the office.


Knowing how to appear professional can reap many benefits not only in your work but also relationships and people’s impression about you. Pulling off a professional look will make people take you more seriously. Also, on the plus side is a big attractive trait for potential romantic interests and the opposite gender. We hope our sleeve of tips and tricks will give you the direction in getting that professional atmosphere about you!

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