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Tips to Celebrate this Father’s Day

International Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of the month of June every year. This year, in 2022, Father’s Day is coming up on the 19th of June. It is a day when all kids, young or adult, celebrate their love for their father in different ways, such as gifting them something special or going out for dinner.

The truth is that all fathers play a special role in our life, from being protective to making sure that we lie on a bed of roses. While they make sure that they are able to provide us with everything that we need, they never ask for something in return apart from unconditional love that they truly deserve.

A child certainly needs a mother, however, he also needs his father to make sure that he is raised as a well grown adult. Fathers are a necessity for every kid no matter where they come from and from where they belong.

Keeping this in mind, we have listed down a few ways that you can use to celebrate International Father’s Day. Have a look below:

Road Trip

A road trip with your father will be the perfect way to celebrate International Father’s Day if your dad has not been on a vacation for a long time. Choose a nearby destination and grab the car keys to make him relax as you drive against the wind. Play his favourite music as well and let him enjoy it. Let others tag along if they want to because the more, the merrier! Or it could be just a bonding trip between a father and his son where you both openly talk and share things you always wanted to.

You can stop in between to have a cup of tea or coffee, but never let him get behind the steering wheel. It is his day and he needs to be free of duties. A road trip will certainly get him a break from his routine life as well as let you spend some quality time with your father.

Bake a Cake

Of course, you can surely go to a bakery and grab the best, and the most expensive red velvet cake that you might be able to find. However, nothing can be more loving than baking a cake from scratch for your very own father. You can always find a good recipe online and bake your father’s favourite cake (even if it is not red velvet). The truth is that baking a cake is not that hard and once you bake it, you will realise how easy it is. When your father sees all the effort that you have put in for him, there will be a smile on his face which you can capture with your camera. Add a bouquet to the presentation and any other reward that you might think of.

Plan a Picnic

While everyone plans a party for their dad on Father’s Day, you could go out of the box by planning a picnic for him this year. It will be different as well as unique. You can grab a picnic basket with a few things such as lasagna, spaghetti, and even homemade pizza and spend some quality time with your father outdoors in the sun at a park. Add some sports into the mix, like football or badminton and celebrate Father’s Day in a splendid manner.

Movie Night

Is your father a true fan of Star Wars? Or is he too much into Die Hard? No matter what kind of movies he prefers, it is time for you to arrange a movie night for him. Either arrange a projector for his favourite movies or find them on OTT for him and sit back with and relax to watch them. Along with that, you could order pizza or any other of his favourite snacks to enjoy these movies. Remember, it is all about him so your favourite movies do not come into the list.


Isn’t International Father’s Day the perfect day to give your father a makeover? We can already imagine him wearing tees that are tucked into his jeans. However, you can change that on father’s day by giving him a complete makeover, from head to toe, by taking him shopping. You can make him try out new clothes at the mall, new shoes and even get him a new haircut. Once you are done, he will be looking like a complete new person, probably much better than you do!


Fathers play a special role in our life and make sure that we are safe and sound. Even when they are not around us, they make sure that we are able to stay on track and do not end up doing something wrong in the end. Fathers can be strict at times, but they only do so because they love us and care for us. While we are just thinking of the present moment, they not only think about the future, but can even know what the future would be because of our present decisions.

When our father is taking so much pain for us, we should certainly celebrate our love for him, especially on International Father’s Day. And with so many ways of celebrating Father’s Day given above, you can choose one (or even more) to celebrate Father’s Day. Make your dad feel special and let him know that he is the best on International Father’s Day.

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