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Tips for Men to become more productive

Whether you are a fashion designer, a sales professional or the CEO of a huge organisation, when it comes to work for a man, it is always the first thing on his priority list. No matter what kind of job you do, you need to focus on your work and make the most out of the time you spend on it, rather than wasting it on other things, such as social media or checking out online advertisements.

However, in this time and age, losing focus and getting distracted during work is quite easy for a man. With uncountable notifications popping up on your smartphone as well as other priorities on your list waiting for you, it is quite easy for you to not make the most of your time as you will be too busy checking out if your newborn needs a diaper change or not.

These kinds of distractions often make you lose your productivity and you are unable to give your 100% in whatever job you are doing at that time. While you might think that you have done your level best, the truth is that you could become more productive, however, those Instagram notifications distracted you more than you thought and you were less productive while working.

Fret not, even if you have not been able to be a productive man since a while, it does not mean that you cannot increase your productivity. There are always certain ways for men to become more productive and if you want to follow up on that, then we are here with some tips:

One Goal at a Time

You might have goals such as getting that big promotion, buying a big house as well as a car and much more, however, if you are aiming to achieve all these goals at the same time, you are making a huge mistake. Whether your goal is as small as getting a new job or as big as buying a new car, you need to focus on one goal at a time.

Don’t mix up your mind with all of your goals and then begin to achieve them. Sort them out and then begin to focus on one goal at a time. Once you start outlining your goals one by one as well as sort them out, you will be able to realise which goals are more important and which ones are less. Similarly, you will be able to put your energy as well as productivity into them.

Your To-Do List

Every man is known for making a to-do list, whether it is for household chores or for work. And it is a known fact that no man has been able to fully check his to-do list. That is because you cannot make an unreasonable to-do list and then aim to fully check it. Hence it is our advice to try to make a list that is practical and achievable, let’s not aim for the stars and then fall our head first.

No man should overwhelm himself with complicated tasks for the day by making an unbalanced list of jobs to do. While some tasks may take most of his time, some might just take a few minutes of his day which will unbalance his day. All tasks in the day need to be equal in some way or the other.

Often, a to-do list ends up becoming a way of procrastination as most men end up doing the easy tasks more and try to ignore the hard jobs. That is the reason that you need to make a reasonable as well as a balanced to-do list which does not lead you to procrastination.

Setting Small Goals

Imagine that you need to finish a huge project in a month’s time frame. If you set up your goal as just to finish that project, it is highly possible that you will be unable to achieve that goal of finishing the project. However, at the same time, if you plan out the project, making small goals to finish the project, it will be way easier to achieve each goal and later finish the project. The moral of the story here is that you must set small goals for yourself rather than big ones in order to complete tasks and achieve those goals.

Another simple example for making small goals is that if you have a goal of cooking a meal, that task should be broken down and smaller goals should be set, such as buying the groceries, cleaning the vegetables, chopping the vegetables and so on. This will help you in achieving each goal as well as finishing the given task.

Say No to Multitasking

While you might be great at multitasking, handling your job at home, while cooking as well as taking care of your baby as well, the truth is that if you opt for multitasking, you become less productive even though you are performing multiple tasks at one time.

It is quite easy to get distracted while on the job but its replacement is certainly not multitasking. Even if you are able to take all the calls while writing official emails as well as grabbing lunch, it only makes you more tired which reduces your productivity.

Pick one task at a time, finish it and then move on to the next one. If you work from home and do have a crying baby in your arms, it might be better to take a break rather than handling him during a Zoom meeting.

Grouping Similar Tasks

When you start your day of work, you switch between different tasks; these can be meetings, making a presentation, writing an email and much more. And all of these tasks need an equal amount of your time and energy no matter what. However, when you start switching between different tasks, there is some sort of friction that is created in between these jobs. As you start one task and finish it, while starting the next one, beginning and ending each job, this friction can create some sort of distraction as well as break your concentration and focus.

The true way of increasing your productivity and making sure that there is no loss of concentration is by cutting the time between the switching in between the tasks. This can be easily done if you start grouping similar tasks together. For instance, if you have to reply to a mail, don’t just respond to it and then switch to another job. There must be other mails that need to be responded to as well. So respond to all these emails rather than responding to them later.

Expect the Unexpected

While you might have planned out your whole day in your planner from 8 AM in the morning till 11 PM in the night, life is very unpredictable and doesn’t go on as you expect it to go. While you might have to reach exactly at 2 PM for a meeting, your wife might suddenly not feel well and might need to go to the hospital. And of course there is no way that a husband can say no to taking her wife to the hospital.

If not your wife, you might be surprised (or shocked) by a few guests at home who would obviously ask for a few hours of time from your day. It should not really pain you to give them that much. The point is, anything and everything can happen on a new day whether you have already planned it or not. So instead of keeping a tight schedule, make sure that you have kept some buffer time for yourself and others as life is very unpredictable.


Being productive and working to their fullest is very important for men, whether we talk about household chores or professional work. They always need to be on their toes almost 24/7 as they are sometimes even the sole breadwinners of their family. It is obvious that they will get tired after a whole day of work and do need proper rest as well as entertainment, however, the next day they need to get back on their feet again.

It is true that men can tend to get less productive by either multitasking or making a list of big goals that they want to achieve in life. However, with the above given tips, any man can become more productive in his life whether he is a house husband or the CEO of his company. No one can beat him once he applies the above given tips in his life.

Being a man doesn’t mean that you are only meant to work and not enjoy your life. However, even if you are working for just a couple of hours, you must not lose your concentration and focus on your tasks that are meant to be done during that time. The fun and enjoyment is certain to come later on.

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