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Tinder Date Tips for Men

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

While sitting at home during the pandemic, we all became quite content with swiping right and left. With our lives becoming more and more virtual, our dating life also got affected. Although, dating apps took this opportunity and adapted in a way that it became easier for us. These apps gave us the benefit to date from the comfort of our homes while sitting in lounge wear.

However, now with everything opened up, comes those difficult times for men, when they have to go and meet the person they have been talking to. Go on actual dates and have a conversation face to face. I know, it can sound horrific and scary (an ambivert here).

So, when you have finally given up and said yes to that actual date but are in half the mind to ghost, out of sheer fear. We are here for you. With our tips on how to handle that tinder date, I am sure that you will not only ace it, but will earn the brownie points too (if you know what I mean).

Here is some advice:

Do your research and be prepared

While women stalk their coming up date for hours, men tend to put less effort in trying to know the details before meeting. I will not recommend stalking for hours but I will definitely recommend you to do your research. Go back to the chats. Make a note of their likes and dislikes. What was the topic that you both vibed at? Politely, ask them how they look. This will not only make sure that you are not getting catfished but will also give you a guideline on whom to expect.

While on the topic of being prepared, men also make sure that you look and smell good. Plan your look (no shorts, flip flops or tshirts with quotes, you are not going on a walk) as well as the place that you both will be meeting. Environment plays a major role when having those first few conversations. And if you are really looking to get to know them, please don’t go for movies. Oh and Be On Time!

Keep your other dates and phone out of the conversation

Yes, we know how much you want to flaunt your tinder game, but really no one wants to hear it. The truth is, no one finds it great or as your success story when you talk about how you got over your ex, or how you have lined up another date after the one you are already on. That just shows how uninterested you are in the person sitting next to you.

Keep your phone on silent or vibrate mode, face down, far from your reach. You can ofcourse check for any important missed calls when your date has gone for a washroom break. Till then, give them the importance and make actual effort to listen, if you think you are not a talker. Be present, be on time, make actual efforts to be understanding and a nice guy. Not everyone is looking just for ‘fun’.

Make your intentions clear from the start

Taking the above point ahead, not every person or date of yours is going to be looking just for ‘fun’. Not everyone on dating apps is looking for a casual relationship or just a hangout. Make your intentions clear. History is proof that honesty is always and will be the best policy. If nothing, this makes sure that you at least get an honest and interesting friend out of your date.

After the date

Your date is all about to be over. You have had your meal or whatever you both have had planned. But the conversations are still flowing and the words, ‘want to come over?’ are at the tip of your tongue. Well, then spill them out. Yes, genuinely, ask them if they want to keep the conversation flowing and want to take it ahead at your place. The least that would happen is that they will say ‘no’. If that does happen, please don’t take it to heart. Going to a stranger’s place on the very first date can be quite daunting and terrifying, not everyone is up for it.

Although, if they do make the decision to come back to your place, well then as we have said be prepared. Make sure that your room, home, place is clean, the washroom is presentable. There are no undergarments, clothes, and unnecessary objects on the ground. Everything is in its place and the bonus will be a drink for both of you to enjoy.

Follow Up

Show that you actually care and the date was not just a one time thing. Even if it was just a one time date, make sure to express that in the most gentlemanly way possible. Ask them if they reached home safely. Tell them how much fun you had. This not only ensures a second date but will also help your date to understand your intentions fully.

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