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This International Women’s Day, Celebrate the Woman in Your Life

By: Arshiya Gauhar

It came to me suddenly. International Women’s Day was approaching and as I scrolled through a range of social media platforms, every place was bringing something different. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more were full of workshops, talks, the build-up posts, and more- all talking about one and only thing, the ‘International Women’s Day’. Apart from witnessing a number of eye opening, evoking posts, I also felt how it becomes incumbent for all of us to show our support or acknowledge the woman in our lives, especially on the 8th of March every year.

But do we need just a single day to celebrate the multiple women in our lives, who play a significant role in our overall development, right from bringing us into this world to nourishing us? The answer is No! However, we often fail to acknowledge their effort or at times overlook it as their duty.

According to a recent study, gender roles and disparity exist at a great number in India. Pew Research Center, recently revealed a study where they face to face questioned 29,999 Indian adults about the women’s role in the society and the skewed numbers are appalling. The study was conducted between the year 2019 to 2020 and nine out of ten individuals partially or completely agreed with the statement: “a wife must always obey her husband” while in the leadership roles 55 percent of individuals nodded that men and women are equally good at this role. But why as a society do we present this disturbed number?

As a woman, whenever such data comes, I feel heartbroken as our conditioning can be witnessed that always presents women as inferior races. This women’s day as a girl, as a woman, as a human I do not expect heartwarming songs of Bollywood or melting gestures that just lingers in the memory for the rest of the year but an inclusivity, a place of my own where all genders are equal and safe, no bias, no stereotyping and no ignorance.

I won’t present a boring and dragged narrative today but will open my heart out about the little things men can add in their lives this International Women’s day that shows how they can celebrate those wonderful women out there and how this practice can be inculcated to the future generation:

Share The Load In Long Term:

One day breakfast in bed or doing the household chores or sharing the workload that women do on a daily basis is not enough. Man up and share the load everyday. Help her in her daily chores. The contribution of a homemaker is always undermined but imagine if for a day she just ignores doing any of the jobs that silently have been burdened on her? That sight would be plightful. Homemakers are not even considered as working women and that contributes to a great gap in studies where women’s contributions are calculated. Moreover, most office-going women seem to perform both professional duties as well as home chores while their respective partners view it just a part of their womanhood. This masking of extra burden under the name of womanhood and strength should be debunked. As a guy, you can make this change happen. A household is a place made up of multiple members and when every member is equally contributing, it becomes a peaceful place to stay, giving rise to a healthy society.

A partner who shares the load each day, sets a great example for the children. They see a happy, healthy and equal partnership and try to inculcate that in their own lives. A small step towards making your own relationship better can end up giving us all a better world.

Equal Role In Decision Making:

Women in a household are often seen as a subvert part of decision making, even if the decision is being taken for them. Be it for education, for marriage, for finances or for usual outings, women or girls are not asked or consulted in the decision making process. This is on a low-key level. Even on a grand platform like the representation in the Parliament or in Governance, very few women are a part of the decision making bench. As a guy, you can take the step to alter it. You can bring in their opinion on the table. Next time while making any decision, consult the women in your life. Make them a part of your analytical life and witness the happiness and inclusivity they feel with this. A woman has seen the world as much as everybody and they know what’s good and what’s not, what’s right and what’s wrong. Trust us! Taking their opinion won’t hurt anyone.

Lend Her Your Ear:

This women’s day, celebrate the women in your life by lending them your ears. Women and their opinions often go unheard. Moreover, at times they just want to talk about certain aspects of life or share some of the incidents that happened to them or around them. Giving them undivided attention at that point of time does no harm to you and also makes them happy. Listening to them, contributing to their conversation and discussion, not only helps in understanding each other better but also creates a connection where you both can rely on each other. Many times you also get to have a fresh and different perspective about certain matters if you listen to the woman in your life, patiently.

Little Gestures:

As a man you are always taught to make grand gestures to impress the women in your life. However, that is not true. Women are human beings and love the smallest gesture you make for them. They do not want you to pull a rabbit out of your hat but at times just want an evening outing, a small surprise, a smile from across the room, a helping hand or just a warm cup of hot milk during the bedtime. It is not always about flowers and chocolates, it is about building a connection. Also, having a woman in your life does not always mean a partner but your mother, sister, cousins, friends and every other woman who surrounds you. Respect them and not just on the International Women’s Day but everyday of your life.

Acknowledge Them:

Who does not like being appreciated and acknowledged? It’s human nature to find happiness when others cheer you for your job. Acknowledge the women in your life for their contribution in paving a path for you. Each and every individual in your life teaches you something irrespective of their gender. However, a woman’s contribution is often ignored or goes unnoticed in the pool of support. But it’s high time we start recognizing their smallest step. Be it their pat on your back or a small suggestion or the little finance that helped you during the harsh time, respect and value it as practicing these only makes you a better person with no side effects.


Women are beautiful creatures and deserve all the respect and love from the world. It is not a man’s world or a woman’s world but everyone’s place and when we have this moment of epiphany, we should embrace it with all our hearts. When we celebrate International Women’s Day, we always aim for a future world where every gender is respected and given equal value. It is not just a day where we ought to practice something good for the women in our lives but should be a step for change to bring them the same status that every human being should enjoy. Our lives are a collective effort of multiple people and every gender plays an important part in our sustenance. We need to acknowledge that fact and step towards breaking the gender bias for a better future. Ain’t’ that the theme of this year; “Gender Equality Today For A Sustainable Tomorrow”? Let’s embrace it!

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