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Things That Women Think Men Like, But Men Don't

Women and men frequently have distinct tastes in fashion, hobbies, entertainment, and other areas of life. Women sometimes think men share their passion or interest in particular things they enjoy or admire, but this is not always true. Based on polls, research, and the opinions of experts, we will examine some of the typical things that women believe men like but which men dislike in this article.

What Women Think Men Like About Them, But Don't

Overuse of Makeup

Cosmetics are popular among women to enhance their appearance and showcase their personalities. But other ladies could overdo their cosmetics and come off as artificial or false. In a YouGov survey, 63% of males preferred it when women wore no or very little makeup, while only 15% preferred heavy makeup. Furthermore, a Bangor University study discovered that men and women thought faces with less makeup were more appealing than features with more.

High Heels

High heels are frequently regarded as a representation of elegance and femininity. Many women wear them to appear taller, leaner, and more confident. However, high heels might not be as enticing to guys as women believe. According to a University of Portsmouth study, men ignored whether or not women were walking in high heels. Injuries, foot abnormalities, and back pain are further health issues that high heels can contribute to.

Playing Hard to Get

Some women might believe that being challenging to get is a good way for men to chase and value them more. Playing the hard guy, however, can not be very productive or pleasurable for males. According to a University of Rochester study, males preferred moderately interested women to those who were either highly or remarkably uninterested in them. Men may become disinterested or frustrated if they try to be challenging to get.

Excessive Talking

Some females could believe that guys enjoy hearing them talk about their emotions, ideas, experiences, etc. But some women might talk too much and irritate or boring males. According to a University of Arizona study, Women speak 16,215 words on average daily, whereas men only speak 15,669 daily. In addition, according to a survey by Esquire, 46% of men find that talking too much on a date is the most aggravating thing a woman can do.

Being Too Needy or Clingy

Some women believe that males enjoy feeling needed and desired by their spouses. But males can be turned off by women who are overly dependent or clingy. The neediness of a partner is one of the top relationship turnoffs, according to a survey by Elite Singles, which found that 55% of men agree. Men may experience suffocation, pressure, or control if a woman is overly dependent or clinging.

Being Too Agreeable or Submissive

Some women might believe that males enjoy dominating relationships and favor women who are compliant or subservient. However, being overly compliant or accommodating might bore or irritate men. According to a University of Iowa study, men choose forceful and confident women over submissive and meek ones. Men may feel more like they are dating a doormat than a partner when a woman is overly accommodating or submissive.

Being Too Elusive or Private

Some female partners may believe that guys enjoy being intrigued and tested. However, guys may find you annoying or suspicious if you are very mysterious or secretive. According to a survey by eHarmony, 40% of men rated honesty as the most crucial trait in a mate. Men may think they are being misled, used as a pawn, or cheated on if they are cryptic or secretive.

Being Too Jealous or Possessive

Some women might believe that men prefer to see jealousy or possessiveness in their partners because it demonstrates how much they appreciate and care for them. But for men, being overly possessive or jealous can be dangerous or frightening. According to a University of Alabama study, jealousy is one of the main reasons for violence between intimate partners. Men who are overly possessive or jealous may experience stalking, harassment, or threats.

Loudness or Vulgarity

Some women believe that hearing loud or offensive expressions from their partners demonstrates their passion and daring spirit. But being excessively obnoxious or profane can make guys feel uncomfortable or offended. According to a Men's Health survey, 32% of men reported that profanity is a turn-off in bed. Men may think they are dating a sailor rather than a lady if you are overly loud or profane.


It's essential to recognize that men's preferences vary widely, and assumptions about what they like may not always align with reality. Individuals in any relationship must communicate openly, understand each other's preferences, and avoid making assumptions based on gender stereotypes. Genuine connection and compatibility come from respecting each other's unique tastes and desires.

Written By: Khushi Bhatia

Edited By: Chirajita Gupta

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