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Things Newly Married Men Should Avoid

Updated: May 17, 2023

When two people get married, they embark on a beautiful journey that requires commitment, compromise, and understanding from both sides. There are some basic things that newly married men shouldn’t do for the first five years. This is because the first five years are the most important as that’s when couples try to build a strong foundation for their marriage. During this time, both partners try to understand each other, learning to adapt to each other’s routines, and they try to build a deep bond of affection between them to develop a healthy husband-wife relationship.

Lack of interest and negligence in a relationship often leads to separation. According to the most recent statistics available from the National Center for Health Statistics, the median duration of a marriage that ended in divorce was 8.2 years. This suggests that half of all divorces happened during the first 8.2 years of marriage, with the other half occurring after that time. However, it is important to see that this is only a statistical average, and the timing of divorces can vary widely based on the individual circumstances of each marriage. Also, deciding to get a divorce is hard and very personal, and it can depend on a lot of things, like communication problems, financial stress, and other things.

Starting a marriage is a major step that requires effort to be successful. From communication to financial stress, this article explores key areas to focus on for a healthy and successful husband-wife relationship.

9 crucial things newly-married men should avoid

A lot of married couples end up in counseling due to various reasons.

Lack of communication

Every couple, regardless of whether they are married or not, need to talk about their thoughts and feelings with each other. Good communication is especially important in the first few years of marriage. Many couples deal with communication issues, which can lead to misunderstandings, resentment, stress, relationship troubles, and even anger. As a result, couples start hesitating to express their feelings even more. Couples who do not communicate properly may feel unheard or misunderstood, which affects their relationship and their bond of affection.

Although modern life is so stressful, couples frequently rush from one job to the next, leaving little time for a genuine connection. Many couples avoid difficult conversations, important issues, or expressing their needs and feelings.

Couples may struggle to find time to connect because of the constant distractions of smartphones, social media, and email. Couples also have different communication skills and viewpoints; it is also difficult for couples to understand each other’s points of view because of this. In these kinds of situations, men should think about what they say to their partners and take the initiative to start the conversation between them. This includes discussing each other’s thoughts, needs, and expectations with patience and respect and listening carefully to your partner’s feelings and viewpoints.

Taking Your Partner for Granted

The most common mistake men make at the beginning of a marriage is that they overlook their partner. The main thing is that men usually believe that their partner will always be by their side. This leads them to not express their gratitude and appreciation for their partner’s presence in their lives.

Most men expect their partners to take care of everything. Without showing any kind of appreciation for all the hard work they put into that relationship for it to grow without any kind of problems. But this eventually damages the relationship between them in the long run. Men need to show their partner that they appreciate and value their presence by actively participating in the relationship, not just with words but also with the necessary actions. It can be done with small gestures like buying her flowers, buying her a dress, making her favorite food, or just saying, “I love you.”

Not Making Time for Your Partner

To develop a healthy relationship its important for married couples to spend time with each other. But because of this fast-paced world, newly married men get caught up in their professional lives so much that they forget about their personal lives for a while. There are a lot of reasons for this, such as a busy work schedule, responsibilities, professional obligations, and work stress. However, not making time for your partner leads to relationship problems because it creates a feeling of loneliness and disconnection.

This can be fixed by making small changes in your work life and talking about the problems with your partner. You can also solve this problem by doing small acts of love and affection throughout the day, like sending text messages, making phone calls, planning a surprise dinner date for your partner, or just taking a few minutes each day to check in with your partner and talk to them.

Not helping with household chores

In earlier days, household chores were seen as a woman’s sole responsibility. But in this modern era, men should help their partners with household chores; it shows affection and attentiveness towards them. Not helping your partner with household chores disturbs the atmosphere of the house, which can cause resentment and burnout.

If only one partner is constantly handling all the household chores, they may feel burned out. This can lead to feelings of exhaustion and frustration, which can affect the bonding and healthy relationship between spouses.

This can be fixed by helping out around the house with things like cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry. Cooking a meal for your partner shows your affection and love. Participating in household chores with your partner shows that you are a team and that you value the time and efforts of your partner.

Ignoring emotional needs

In a marriage, both partners have emotional needs that require the other’s attention and care. Unfortunately, men often ignore their partner’s emotional needs unintentionally in a relationship. This could be due to a lack of awareness about your partner’s emotional state.

Men may be unable to recognize signs of emotional distress or understand how to respond appropriately. You can talk to your partner about what they need from you emotionally.

Another reason could be putting logic before emotions. Sometimes men prioritize logic and problem-solving before emotional connection, and this leads them to overlook their partner’s emotional needs.

Learning to balance emotions and logic in the relationship can help you overcome this. Accepting that emotional connection is as important as logic and putting emotional connection before logic in interaction with your partner in the relationship can solve this problem and make the bond between spouses strong.

Neglecting your appearance

Neglecting their appearance is another mistake that newly married men should avoid making to keep their relationship healthy. While it is easy to get comfortable and let yourself go after marriage, neglecting your appearance can send the wrong messages to your partner and disturb your relationship with her.

It may make them feel that they are not attractive anymore; sometimes because there is less time for self-grooming and because aging men lose interest in their appearance, it is important to make efforts to maintain your appearance. Men should take care of their hygiene, dress appropriately, and make an effort to look their best for their partner.

Lack of romance

Romance is an important part of a marriage, and it should not be neglected. Neglecting romance in a relationship causes dissatisfaction and also affects your partner mentally and emotionally.

Newly married men should avoid being unromantic. Men should make efforts to keep the romance alive by planning dates, surprising them with gifts, and showing love and affection regularly.

Physical touch is also very important in a relationship. It is important to show affection to your partner, whether it is by cuddling, holding hands, or physical intimacy.

All these things help to make the relationship exciting and fulfilling and also strengthen the emotional bond between spouses; it helps them to keep the spark alive in their healthy relationship.

Not being supportive

Support is essential for a relationship; it keeps the bond between spouses stable and helps them nurture it even more. Whether it is supporting your partner’s career goal or being there for them in every situation, providing emotional support and encouragement can strengthen your bond and create a stronger and healthier relationship. Showing your partner that you are their biggest supporter and you will always be there for her in any situation is the key to a successful marriage.

Men should avoid being unsupportive, as lack of support in a relationship can lead to feelings of isolation and disconnection, which can damage a healthy relationship.

Not Respecting Boundaries

Everyone has their boundaries and loves their independence. In every relationship, especially in marriage, both partners should respect their boundaries and independence. But sometimes, men try to control things, and this can damage their bond.

Men should respect their partner’s time, space, and individuality. Your partner may feel confined and resentful if you don’t respect their boundaries, which may lead to resentment and conflict.

Newly married men should avoid trying to control their partners’ actions, thoughts, and feelings. Instead, trust and respect their decision.Respecting your partner’s boundaries shows them that you trust and respect them; these things can strengthen the bond of love.


In conclusion, the first five years of marriage are crucial for establishing a healthy marriage. Both partners must strive at it, but newlywed men should avoid taking their partners for granted, being negative, or ignoring their needs. Men should show respect to their partners and always try their best to keep the relationship in stable condition. They should also put their efforts into maintaining a healthy relationship with their partner.

After learning what newlyweds should avoid, you’ll agree that healthy communication is the key to a happy marriage. Read “How to be Best Friends with Your Spouse” to build a healthy communication.

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