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Things a Man Should Do Before Getting Married

So you have it all planned! The wedding is right around the corner, you have selected your tuxedo, and the bride has bought her wedding gown. The guest list is too on the table now and all that is left to do is getting married. Well, we hate to break it to you but it is not that simple.

Marriage is not an easy task and a couple has to work every day to make it last till their last breath. Both of you won’t only be living together but sharing a life together, which is not all that dreamy as it seems to be. It is hard work and many marriages have collapsed because one partner wasn’t ready to do it.

However, there are certain things you need to do before you get married to the woman you love. As a bachelor you might have been a carefree man but as a married man you will have the responsibility of your partner and you cannot give up on her, whether emotionally, physically or financially.

Keeping this in mind, we have listed out a few things every man should do to prepare himself for a lifelong and happy marriage. Have a look:

Learn to Cook

So your partner loves to cook and prepares the best of meals for you whenever she can. That is just great! But as her partner, you cannot just sit around while she is busy cooking and let her do all the work alone when she has just got back from work, can you?

The truth is that as a partner, you are as responsible as her to put food on the table. Bringing groceries is a different thing but cooking them to make a meal is different. If you don’t already know how to cook, we advise you to opt for some cooking classes and learn how to cook.

By learning how to cook you will not only help her but yourself as well. If she is sick, late at work or pregnant, it will be your job to cook the meals, not her. To be a good husband you need to learn how to help her as well as yourself, so that the next time she is out of the house you don’t end up ordering food online for yourself.

Take up Responsibilities

In today’s age no one wants to be tied down with responsibilities and be accountable for what they do. There is a false belief that freedom means that you don’t have to answer to anyone. However, the day you popped the big question to your partner, you decided to take up a huge responsibility.

Getting married is not child’s play and includes too many responsibilities when it comes to your partner. Before tying the knot, you need to get ready to take up certain responsibilities. If you are at work and can take up a task, grab this opportunity. If you can take up a responsibility at home, do it. The more the merrier!

The fact is that once you get married you will end up with loads of responsibilities, even if you don’t like it. So it is better to be prepared for whatever comes in the future after getting married. There are always going to be ups and downs in life for which you will be accountable for your actions.

Develop Strong Work Ethic

If you are not having a stable job then getting married right now might not be the way to go for you. It is very important for a man to develop a strong work etinc, whether he is getting married or not. It is essential for him to make sure he is working hard, being punctual and adhering to the rules of his company.

Not every man in a company gets promoted, does he? Only the most diligent man, who works hard, providing progress to his company gets that promotion that everyone has been waiting for. However, it won’t happen if you keep scrolling on your phone or watching Netflix at work.

You need to believe that now that you are about to get married, it is high time you focus on your job as well. Whether your partner works or not, you need to make sure that she can depend on you if it is required any time in the future.

Develop a Financial Plan

This is something that most men do not do and many of them end up with failed marriages. While during your bachelorhood you spent money on sneakers, graphic tees and other stuff that you didn’t really use, getting married is different and finances have to be planned.

Credit cards are not free money and are not supposed to be used if you are unable to pay back. Apart from that, you need to prepare a proper budget along with your partner for the future so that you don’t end up spending beyond your means. Remember, you will later expand your family as well so you need to be ready for that.

Know Her Family

Sure you must have met your partner’s parents a few times as well as taken their permission to propose to her. However, as a man, we often don’t realize that they too are a part of our family. We just feel that they are our partner’s family and that’s it. But in order to be a good husband, you must accept them as your own family as well.

Get to know her parents, her siblings and become a part of their family. Don’t be a son-in-law but a son for them so that they can trust you with their daughter. Visit them often and spend quality time with them. Don’t feel in any way that they are not a part of your family now.

Become her Best Friend

Yes, we know that you are in a relationship with your partner and are about to get married. However, if there is no friendship in a relationship then it cannot withstand the future events, whether good or bad. So be her best friend and behave like a friend instead of a fiance or a future husband. Get to know about all those things that she might only tell a friend and not you.

We know that a sexual relationship is important in a relationship and we are not saying that you need to abstain from it during this process. All you need to do is be yourself but look at her in a way that a friend would. You won’t believe the differences you will find and how much your relationship will grow with your partner.

Learn How to Be a Gentleman

Chivalry should not be dead and you need to understand that. It doesn’t take much to be a gentleman and if you are not one yet, learn to be a gentleman to prove to your bride that you can be a good husband. Remember, if you are kind to her and respect her, she will be the same to you as well. So it is not going to be a waste of any kind.

Get a Full Body Check Up

As a man when you are about to get hitched, you should not take any chances on your health. It is better to get a full body health check up, so that you get to know whether you have any serious illness or not. It might bring up certain things to the limelight like diabetes or blood pressure which can later affect when you plan to have a family.

You might even find out about something much more serious such as a life threatening disease and could get it treated before it turns fatal. Taking care of your health by working out is a good choice but such health check ups are important as well.


You might have been ready with a bucket list of activities like skydiving and surfing to do before you get married but the above given things are much important to do before you get married. Yes, you do deserve to tick off everything on that bucket list before you get married.

However, these given things are much more important to prepare you for the next chapter of your life. Marriage is a huge responsibility and if you do not understand it now, you will probably never understand it. These given things are necessary actions that every man should take before getting married to become a good husband.

You might be a rich man, but if you spend endlessly, you won’t have a happy married life. Similarly, you might have a beautiful fiance, but if you don’t respect her or be kind to her, your marriage will certainly fail.

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