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The Treatments for Delayed Ejaculation

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

Delayed Ejaculation Treatments vary on the seriousness of the issue. Delayed Ejaculation is a sexual health condition in a man in which he takes a prolonged period of time to ejaculate. In fact, some men are unable to ejaculate at all and do not reach sexual climax which strains their relationship as well as frustrates them. The causes of delayed ejaculation can be physical as well as psychological. Let’s read on to know about its treatments.

Indulging in intimacy and sex, be it with a partner or while experiencing pleasure solo is quite a normal day to day activity. Although, counted as a taboo. Sex itself is actually part and parcel of our lives. It often leads to better communication in an intimate relationship, making you more vulnerable. However, if you are dealing with delayed ejaculation, sex might be a little awkward.

Delayed ejaculation is a sexual health problem in which a man takes an extra period of time to get an orgasm. It is believed that if a man takes more than 30 minutes to ejaculate, despite typical erection, then he is suffering from delayed ejaculation. It can lead to distress for both the man and his partner. It can also trigger anxiety about general health, low libido, and sexual dissatisfaction. Apart from that, relationship problems include a fear of rejection for both the partners and concern for couples who wish to start a family.

Keeping this in mind, we decided to talk about the different treatments available for men dealing with delayed ejaculation. Let’s have a look below.

Diagnosis of Delayed Ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation treatments are a must for a man suffering from delayed ejaculation.

In order to get a diagnosis, you will have to seek a Urologist, who will perform a physical examination as well as review your medical history. The basic tests that you will go through include:

  1. Physical exam: This might include careful examination of your penis and testicles. Your doctor will use light touch to make sure you have normal sensation in your genitals.

  2. Blood tests: Your doctor might take a blood sample and send it to a lab to check for signs of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, a low testosterone level and other health problems.

  3. Urine tests (urinalysis): Urine tests are used to look for signs of diabetes, infection and other underlying health conditions.


Delayed ejaculation treatments include drugs as well as therapy.

The treatment that will be used for you for delayed ejaculation depends on the result of the tests that will be performed for the diagnosis. The following are some of the most common treatments used for men suffering from delayed ejaculation.


If you have been taking certain medications that might be leading you to delayed ejaculation then the dose of that medication might be reduced or the medication might be switched. Sometimes, a new medicine might be added to help you out. There aren’t any drugs that have been specifically approved for the treatment of delayed ejaculation. The medications that are used to treat delayed ejaculation are primarily used to treat other health conditions.


Psychotherapy is of great use for a man as it addresses an underlying mental health condition that has led to delayed ejaculation. These underlying mental health conditions can be depression or anxiety. It’s also used to address psychological issues that directly affect your ability to ejaculate.


Delayed ejaculation can be stressful for a man as he is unable to get an orgasm during sexual intercourse. However, he does not have to deal with it silently. It is much better to get this sexual health condition treated by going to a Urologist, rather than suffering in silence. The above given treatments are some of the best options for you to get treated for delayed ejaculation.

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