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The Trauma of Premature Ejaculation

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Premature ejaculation is not something new. Many men in this world face this issue but hate to talk about it. However, keeping it to oneself is of no help. On many occasions men try to take out their frustration in other ways and disappoint their partners. This often leads to certain issues in their relationship as well. Staying silent is not the answer to this sexual health problem.

Sex certainly makes your relationship strong and stable with your partner and can even assist you to omit certain issues that both of you are dealing with. However, if you have been struggling with premature ejaculation during sexual intercourse, it can be tough for you as well as your partner.

Moreover, not being able to perform sexually can lead to depression as well as frustration in men. However, they choose to swallow their feelings rather than sharing them, even with their partners. Being silent about it is the worst mistake you can make. Although it is common for a man to feel embarrassed about telling this to a professional. But believe us, talking to a doctor and finding a reason is always the best option.

As many men have been suffering from this sexual health issue, we decided to talk about it and open up. Have a look below:

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is very common among men.

You might not believe this, but premature ejaculation is a common health problem among men. According to the *American Urological Association, in the US, 1 out of 5 men, in the age group of 18 to 59 years, have the issue of premature ejaculation. This is a sexual health problem when a man ejaculates before the sexual activity or less than a minute after he has started. Although there is no particular timeline of getting an orgasm, if you ejaculate too early it signifies health issues. 


There are multiple factors that can lead to premature ejaculation in a man. Some of the physical causes of premature ejaculation are thyroid issues or prostate issues, such as having an overactive or an underactive thyroid gland, high blood pressure, diabetes or a spinal injury. Apart from that, lifestyle factors can also play a role in it like excessive alcohol consumption, recreational drug use and smoking.

Moreover, there are psychological factors as well that can affect a man’s sexual health, leading to early ejaculation such as:

  1. Stress

  2. Depression

  3. Anxiety

  4. Guilt

  5. Relationship problems

  6. Lack of confidence or poor body image

  7. Concern over your sexual performance

  8. Negative feelings about the idea of sex (sexual repression)

Another fact that most men are unaware of is that if a man is dealing with erectile dysfunction then the chances of premature ejaculation rises. The reason behind this is that the erection does not retain enough for the sexual activity and the man rushes to ejaculate.

Diagnosis of Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can be treated by a urologist.

Going to a Urologist would be the best thing you can do if you are dealing with premature ejaculation. You will be asked numerous healthy and helpful questions about your medical history, such as if you have been dealing with this health issue for a long time or if it is a new problem. He will also ask you about your sex life as well as your relationships. Along with that, you will go through a physical exam as well. These questions are necessary to evaluate your physical and mental health and help the doctor to identify underlying issues.

If your doctor thinks that your psychological issues are leading you to premature ejaculation, then he might refer you to a mental health professional. A mental health professional will help you in talking about your feelings and emotions as well as destress about the issues that you are going through.

As many lifestyle factors affect your sexual health, the doctor also advises you to cut on those habits and live a prosperous life.


The treatment for premature ejaculation can be psychological, behavioural or medical, according to the risk factors you are facing. Let’s have a look at all of them.

Psychological Therapy

If you have been too stressed about your sexual performance or are pressured to perform good in bed, then you will be referred to a psychologist. He will be a professional who will help you in working through your feelings and emotions that have been causing problems in your sexual relationship. While it brings couples closer, it also gives you the confidence for the mutual sexual satisfaction.

Behavioural Therapy

Behavioural therapy is all about exercises that help in delaying ejaculation during sexual intercourse. However, they are not a permanent treatment for premature ejaculation. Some of the exercises that you can opt for are the squeeze method and the start and stop method. These can be practised along with psychological therapy to have a better effect.

Medical Therapy

Although no drugs have been approved in the US for treating premature ejaculation, there are a number of medicines, numbing creams as well as numbing sprays that may slow down the process of ejaculation.

When it comes to numbing creams or sprays, they should be put on the head of the penis about 20 to 30 minutes before the sexual activity. However, it must be washed off five minutes before sex. Using a condom for sex is also advised.


Premature ejaculation in men is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. It is a common sexual health problem and if you are suffering from it too, then you are not alone. It can be cured; all you have to do is open up with your doctor and let him or her know what you have been going through. Talking to your partner openly about it would also bring a positive result. 


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