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The Surmised Effects of Vaping – Men and Vaping

Nicotine is supplied to the body by vaping in a manner similar to smoking cigarettes, chewing nicotine gum, or applying nicotine patches. Also, more and more research suggests that men who use nicotine, no matter their age or health, may be more likely to have trouble getting or keeping an erection.

Vaping, the use of an electronic cigarette containing liquid nicotine that is vaporised and breathed in by the user, is the second most popular method of consuming nicotine. Since the user avoids the countless chemicals in cigarette smoke, many people think that this is a safer way to consume nicotine. Although this is true, there are a number of serious health risks associated with nicotine alone, regardless of how it is consumed.

The Effects of Nicotine on the Body

Natural nicotine, a highly addictive chemical, is present in tobacco. No matter how it enters the body, it causes the central nervous system to release the hormone adrenaline, which is a response that is typically connected to stressful or dangerous circumstances.

The body’s cardiovascular system experiences several physiological changes as a result of the release of adrenaline, including an increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate. Additionally, nicotine itself has a vaso-constrictive impact, which reduces the quantity of blood that can flow through blood vessels by tightening and constricting them. This makes it harder for the body to carry oxygen around, which can make you feel tired and short of breath.

Every time nicotine enters the body, these physiological reactions take place, placing the body repeatedly in a high-stress state. Ironically, nicotine relaxes the mind while also stressing out the body. It may cause pleasurable sensations of euphoria, relaxation, and increased alertness. Many people become hooked on nicotine because the pleasurable feelings outweigh the harmful bodily implications.

Nicotine’s negative effects on male sexuality

The spongy tissue and smooth muscles of the penis require a strong, continuous flow of blood to achieve and sustain an erection. Certain substances in the blood vessel lining of the penis during sexual stimulation cause the penile muscles to relax and accept the extra blood flow. The same chemicals then “trap” the blood in the penis, causing an erection.

As was already mentioned, nicotine narrows the blood vessels, decreasing blood flow to all organs, including the penis. Therefore, men who smoke or use e-cigarettes are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction (ED). The man’s emotional response to ED events, such as shame, hopelessness, worry, or feelings of not being good enough, may then hurt his sexual health.

A Growing Body of Research Based on Evidence

An increasing number of studies that correlate vaping usage with erectile dysfunction, libido loss, and decreased arousal times support the impacts of vaping on men’s sexual health. In fact, compared to guys who never vaped, everyday vapers were found to have a greater than twofold increased risk of developing ED. Additionally, studies have shown that the quantity and frequency of nicotine use have a direct correlation with health problems, including problems with sexual health. In other words, the more you smoke or vape, the worse it is for your overall health.

There is no safer alternative to vaping

Vaping is still very harmful to your health, even though it doesn’t contain the harmful chemicals found in cigarette smoke. Sadly, it has gained popularity among younger men. According to one survey, 23.1% of e-cigarette users had never smoked cigarettes, and the majority were under 35 years old. This could be the reason ED is becoming more prevalent in younger guys.

Our specialists strongly advise that men cut back on or completely give up smoking and vaping in order to improve their overall health, which includes sexual wellness. You might want to think about taking part in a smoking cessation programme to help you wean yourself off of nicotine if you regularly smoke or vape to relieve stress and believe that this may be causing your erectile dysfunction.

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