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The Silence that Remains

In the society that we live in today, many people claim to be experts on gender equality, but what is the reality? Reality is something that can’t be fathomed. It’s horrendous, so to speak.

We are all aware of right and wrong. Our moral compass is mostly right but why do we normalize abusing women when we are brought up by one. What went wrong? I hope there is a definitive answer for that. Still, one thing is for sure, and that is, ‘men need to raise their voice.’

There has to be a line, and men should be the ones that understand that it’s not okay to not say anything against toxic men that they encounter.

Lame Flame Convo:

We all have a past. Some of which we might be proud of, and some of which haunts us. Anyhow, you all might’ve been part of countless gossips. In these gossips, judging the girl because of her past is way common. She is always subject to hurtful comments regarding her past relationships. If such issues exist, talking them out with your partner is a better solution but some men choose to derail the woman that they are in so-called love with.

Derogatory Comments:

It’s so easy for some men to address a girl whore, slut, and countless demeaning words. The problem starts with a bad upbringing and toxic peers. Kids who are barely 15 or 18 are objectifying, and passing sexually obscene comments daily.

Incidents like the ‘boy’s locker room’ shed light on how grave the issue has become. A group of South-Delhi school boys share images of underage girls and plan to rape them. This shows how we need to truly fix the cancerous elements in our society from the very start of it.

Some instances show how these problems start to breed in our society. In a recent talk with one of my friends, let’s call him Rahul, he told one of his stories from a college fest. He was coming back from the fest with his friends. Two of them passed a comment on a stunted girl, ‘let’s date her, ye toh de hi degi.’ Rahul along with one of his friends was truly disheartened but to avoid an argument, he didn’t speak up then. Why did this happen?

Diffusion of responsibility/Herd Mentality:

As humans, we are used to following patterns, even if we feel that they are bad. For example: if there is a man that has fainted in your room, chances are you’ll help him. If the same thing happens at the side of the road, where you see a crowd doing nothing, chances are you’ll do nothing. 

For this reason alone Rahul and countless others who feel they need to speak up end up not doing so. Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” So, we urge men to speak up when confronted with such uncomfortable situations.

Every big thing starts small. So, all the men who consider themselves one, let’s take a pledge, “We will raise our voices to create a healthy society for all women.” After all, prevention is better than cure.

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