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The Signs of Low Self Confidence in a Man

A man who has self confidence is able to lead a successful as well as a happy life without many issues. Such men make more money as well as have happier relationships in life. When a man is confident in himself, he believes in himself and is able to be competent in everything he does in life.

However, when a man lacks self confidence, he is not able to believe in his abilities and is incompetent in whatever he does as he doubts himself most of the time. Low self confidence can be elaborated as a feeling of inferiority that prevents a man from progressing in life as well as accomplishing his goals.

There can be a lot of causes of low self confidence in a man. One of the causes is childhood trauma. If a man has experienced a traumatic childhood, it can mould the man as well as trigger feelings of low self confidence in him. Apart from that, another cause of low self confidence is having disapproving authority figures in life. If a man has been told all his life that what he did or does is not good enough, he won’t be able to build a positive self image and will end up losing his self confidence.

Appearance perceptions are also a cause of low self confidence. Men who do not find their appearance good enough for them find it hard to build their self confidence which leads to poor self image. Apart from that, any type of abuse can also lead to lack of self confidence. If a man has been physically, sexually or emotionally abused, they find it hard to enjoy life as well as trust anyone.

No matter what the reason is for your low self confidence, if you think that you lack self confidence and want to find out if you have low self confidence or not, here are a few signs that will help you figure it out.

Less Socialising

If you avoid going to public events or to social gatherings as well as parties, it might be a sign of low self confidence. People who have low self confidence often make excuses to get out of social events where there will be a lot of people and if you are one of them, you might have low self confidence. You would probably prefer to stay home and watch Netflix rather than socialise with new people (or the one you already know) as you might be scared of embarrassing yourself.

Unable to Accept Compliments

When someone compliments the other person, all they have to do is say thank you. It is that simple! However, if some compliments a man who lacks self confidence, it becomes hard for them to believe that they are receiving a compliment. Along with that, it is harder for them to accept a compliment as they have low self confidence and are always doubting themselves. If you too doubt yourself as well as are unable to accept compliments then you might have low self confidence.

Neglecting Yourself

A man who is confident about himself takes utmost care of himself as well. Self care is very important for him and he leaves no chance to make sure that he is looking the best he can. However, a man who has low self confidence thinks otherwise. He believes that there is no point in taking care of himself and looking good whether he is going out or not. Instead of taking a shower, he will just wear a deodorant and not care about his hygiene. If you too are one of such men then you might be lacking self confidence.

Worrying About What Others Think

A confident man is happy in what he thinks about himself and doesn’t care what other people think about him. As he believes in himself his self love makes him not to doubt himself and he is able to succeed in life and doesn’t have a care in the world about what others will perceive of him. However, when it comes to a man who has low self confidence, he is always doubting himself and is unable to believe in himself as well. Along with that, he ends up worrying about what others think about him and is unable to be happy with himself. If you too worry about what others think about you then you too might have low self confidence.

Not Trusting Your Own Judgement

A self confident man is able to make decisions and trusts his judgement as well. However, a man with low self confidence is always having second thoughts about his judgement when he makes a decision as he does not believe in himself. If you are too always doubting your decisions and keep second guessing, then you too might be lacking self confidence.

Taking Constructive Criticism Personally

When we talk about a self confident man, taking constructive criticism at work is easier for him as he takes it objectively and accepts it positively as he knows that it will help him succeed at work. However, when it comes to a man with low self confidence, taking constructive criticism is hard for him and he might take it personally as well as get emotional about it. If you too are unable to take constructive criticism objectively and get emotional about it, then you might have low self confidence.

Not Speaking Up in a Group Discussion

When it comes to a group discussion, a confident man is able to speak up his points easily and puts forward his views about a topic. However, when we talk about a man with low self confidence, he is quite uncertain about speaking up in a group discussion. As he lacks self confidence, he keeps on second guessing about whether he should say something or not as he doesn’t want to sound dumb. On the other hand, others keep on adding their views so effortlessly that he feels that they are much more intelligent and intellectual than him. If you too feel the same in a group discussion then it might be a sign that you lack self confidence.

Blaming Others

A self confident man always takes the responsibility of his mistake, even if it is a small one. He does not blame others for any kind of mistake made by him. However, in the case of a man who lacks self confidence, he always blames others for his own mistakes and plays the victim card. It makes him believe that he has no control over his life’s circumstances. If you too play the victim card as well as blame others for your mistakes, you might be lacking self confidence.

Making Excuses

A confident man listens to people who criticise him with an open mind and then decides with proper context whether it defines them or not. However, a man who has low self confidence starts making excuses for their actions or choices, when criticised, so that they do not appear inferior. If you too make excuses for your own deeds when criticised then it might be a sign that you have low self confidence.


After reading the above signs, if you believe that you might be lacking self confidence, you are not alone. There are many men who are struggling with low self confidence. However, you do have the power of building your self confidence and becoming a self confident man. You can start with small things that build your self confidence.

Firstly, start practising personal grooming, whether you are going out or not. It is the first and the most important step of all. Go for a shower on a daily basis as well as trim or shave your beard. Wear good and washed clothes, rather than the old ones for whatever you are supposed to do that day. Try to look your best everyday and it will make a big difference in you.

Apart from that, you need to change the way you think about yourself and let the negative thoughts go away. Start to think positive about yourself and be aware of your self-talk. Along with that, instead of telling yourself that you cannot do something, accept a challenge and look forward to it.

Such practises will help you in building your self confidence and make you a confident man that you deserve to be. Along with that, you too will be able to live a happy as well as a successful life. It is important to be a confident man as you have to face the world every day as well as live your life and you need to be confident about the choices you make and the actions you take.

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