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The Rise of DIY: Men's Home Improvement and Handyman Projects

Rise of DIY

It is always the little things in life that leave an everlasting mark. Amidst all the glam and cozy creations, nothing is more fulfilling than getting a small piece of art done independently. Well, this is exactly what DIY (Do-it-yourself) projects exemplify.

Simple DIY projects not only spur you to get something done on your own but also advance your handyman skills reputation. The best part is that you need to spend a lot of money on equipment and supplies for these. Men, in particular, can get the ball rolling by involving themselves in a few cool DIY projects during their leisure time to upgrade their own homes and develop a small home business.

Upgrade your life just without having to spend like crazy, so what’s the wait for? Fasten your tool belt, then get on with cool DIY projects for men!

So let's understand the rise of DIY ideas and show you a few DIY handyman projects for home improvement:

Rise of DIY among males: Taking up the tools

Man taking up brush

The rise of DIY has been nothing short of spectacular in the recent year or so. Although its roots go back to the 19th century, it is only in the 20th century that it came into the forefront strong after having flown under the radar quietly previously. So much so that DIY home repairs are almost considered a hobby for men these days, especially after toolboxes became a mainstay in the household of men in the current century.

This coincided with the outbreak of the pandemic as well where we were all confined to our home, barely being able to get out. This meant there was a rapid shift in the attention of men toward customizing their own homes using simple tools on offer. The idea of making your things stand out by putting your mind into it, captivated the minds of men as it establishes one’s style. What better to do in lockdown than upgrade your home through DIY-based home improvement projects and tools? It was as if the whole society seemed to be shifting from a "do it for me" mentality to one of "DIY".

DIY - Home Improvement and handyman ideas:

Customized Wooden Key Holders

Turning to DIY ideas for house improvement enables you to carry out practical home improvement tasks on your own without needing to seek expert assistance for everything. DIY allows you to handle minor repairs and improvements on your own, reducing your reliance on handyman professionals. When you complete tasks yourself, you avoid paying for labor, which can account for a sizable portion of the cost of hiring a handyman.

With a basic toolset, you can make tiny improvements to your home, anywhere be it the interiors or exteriors or bathrooms or kitchens. Here are some tools and ideas to get your home a perfect makeover:

  • Put up Cardboard Pendant Lights to slay the Indoor look:

Lighting can make or break the atmosphere of any room in your house. Lighting is a key component in creating the feel you want for your room, whether you're going for a warm, cozy atmosphere or something light and airy. Men, in particular, are so attentive and obsessed when it comes to home lighting. Interior lighting is always a contentious topic, and pendant lights are particularly prominent.

Need to brighten up a dark corner of the house? The cardboard pendant light is an awesome pendant light design that you can make in the comfort of your home and add an element of recycling to it as well. All you have to do is cut a cardboard sheet into the desired form, leaving an aperture for the light socket. Thread the cord through the cardboard hole and connect the socket to create a pendant light kit. Securely fasten the socket to the cardboard. Decorate the cardboard as desired with paint, cloth, or other materials. Install a light bulb and hang the pendant light from the ceiling using a ceiling canopy.

  • Try Customized Wooden Key Holders:

We as men have all been there at some point in time where we’ve ended up searching for our bike and car keys all around the house. Making a solid wooden key holder and getting it attached to the wall will ensure that you keep all of your keys in one place so you won't have to look for them again. A key holder is arguably an important part of a house’s decor that sometimes goes unnoticed but is of paramount importance. Making a wooden key holder using scrap wood that you should find in your house in the leftovers after construction activities, is a productive task that you can do on your own.

All you have to do is take the scrap wood and cut it into three or four equal pieces with a saw. Then, to create a sturdy wooden board, you must join them with two pocket hole screws in each. You can cut it out in the form of a triangle or even a mountain landscape form to add creativity and versatility as per the wall. You must then apply stain to the board. Here, your taste and style come into play, and you choose the hue of your choosing. Then, you must drill the wooden board with pilot holes in the desired locations. The hooks must then be tightly screwed in after that. After all this, you have a wooden key holder in hand and you customize it to your liking and the surroundings. You can go for some stencil design if you want to add some text design.

  • Install Crown molding:

Crown molding installation is a simple task that you can do to add personality to your room. It adds a real sense of visual interest to your room. Crown moldings conceal any wall flaws while also giving room for a unique structural design that strikes the eyes of visitors. Installing crown molding is simpler than it might sound.

For this, you can purchase the molding from a retailer and cut it to the right size for your room. Then you have to use a nail gun to fasten it to the top of the wall. Installing crown molding yourself is fairly affordable. What’s more flexible is that you can turn to a paintable caulk to fill in any spaces or gaps between the molding boards or where the molding meets the ceiling if the corners don't fit together as precisely as anticipated.

  • Construct a Garden bed:

A Garden is an essential element of an ideal house as it adds a real bite of natural presence to the house. A well-constructed garden bed can enhance a home's aesthetic appeal and offer ecological advantages. It raises the value of your home and creates a healthier, more pleasurable living space for you to live in. The stereotype that gardening is primarily a female activity has been debunked over the years. The fact is that many men find gardening to be a fulfilling and rewarding hobby for a variety of reasons. What is better fulfilling than constructing a garden bed on your own?

Constructing a garden bed is a relatively easy task that does not take up a huge load of manual work. For a proper garden bed, you have to choose the right path beside your house to raise the garden bed. Construct a frame from treated timber, screwing the corners together. After this, ensure you clean up any grass or trash on the ground and line the bed with a weed barrier cloth. Fill the bed with a dirt-compost mixture, leaving about an inch at the top. Now your bed is all set to go and you can plant your garden, water, and mulch as needed, and enjoy the fruits and vegetables you've grown yourself.

  • Weatherproof your house:

Seal gaps and cracks that you find around doors and windows to improve energy efficiency. You can use weatherstripping, caulk, or insulation to prevent drafts and lower heating and cooling costs. Caulking and weather stripping can also help you save money on your heating bills significantly.

Lighting a candle and slowly moving it around your window frame is a low-tech and simple trick. If the candle flickers, it means that outside air is getting in. Have a close look at the outside doors as well. If you notice a draught coming from your exterior doors, add some door sweeps to keep them properly sealed, reducing heat loss through doors.

Prod outside your home and clean your gutters if they contain any debris. This will protect your attic insulation and prevent water damage. Just pick up a vacuum equipped with the hoses and clean out the debris.


DIY ideas for men give room for them to transform their homes from builder-grade to custom-made with low-cost home improvements. Upgrading your home does not need to come at the expense of spending big bucks or turning to contractors all the time.

Simple DIY ideas for men, like the ones aforementioned can make a significant difference to the outlook of your home. More than just that, they add a sense of accomplishment and personalization to your home, making it more inviting and reflective of your personality. All it takes is your time and commitment to improve your home and thereby your personal space.

Written By - V. Sam Josh

Edited By - Bhagwat Jha

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