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The not so messier way to eat Chocolate

The two paths to eat chocolate: the right way and the messier way. This World chocolate day, let’s have a look at the right way of eating chocolate that ensures taste to your palette and edge to your personality. After all, who does not love a man who knows things! Go through our small read and proudly boast “I eat and I know things!”

The right etiquettes to eat chocolate. What?

Are you also baffled by this sentence?

Well, we also were sailing in the same boat till someone flipped it for us (bloop) and our world went upside down! (hopefully there are no monsters here) The heavenly bite, chocolate rules the heart, mind and life of us all. Don’t believe us? Find one chocolate hater for us, even the most critical ones find solace with a bite of dark chocolate (that trope is hard to impress but chocolate wins over them too).

But today our discussion won’t be about the love-hate relationship with chocolate and its subsidiaries. We will also not talk about how our society has somehow even stereotyped this heavenly food item, and thinks that men don’t like chocolates. That debate we would settle with the fact that in some or the other way we do end up having chocolate, hence can’t particularly declare a war against it (frowning on those who thought they’ll fight against chocolate lovers).

We take the occasion of World Chocolate Day to shed some light over the etiquettes of having chocolate. Yes, just like how you should handle your fork, spoon and knife and swirl your wine before taking a sip, your chocolate also requires the same etiquettes and treatment.

Warm it On Your Palate

The lucrative and appealing way of relishing the chocolate (the advertorial way where the person smudges their fingers in melted chocolate and enjoys it to the core) though we all love it; it is not the right way (Whatever sells not necessarily has to be right). To take the taste of your chocolate bar and enjoy it well, always let it warm inside your palate. When it melts and lingers on your taste buds that is when the real flavour of chocolate pops up. So don’t be impulsive and chew on your bar of chocolate. Let the chocolate weave a magic on you with time and warmth.

Eat With A Clean Palate

Always eat your bar of chocolate with a clean palate. Why are we saying this? We all have binge-eating habits and thanks to the pandemic that has pushed us more into this zone. But when we are randomly taking a bite into our favourite chocolate after any other food item, the aftertaste of our food lingers on our taste buds as well as brain. We know that our brains function at a speed that we can’t even beat with our own thoughts! Now for this speedy body part of ours, the immediate decipherment between two distinct tastes leads to mixing of signals, hence resulting in an unwanted taste for our palate. Hence we duly suggest always trying chocolate with a clean taste bud and savour it well. Trust us, you would definitely appreciate our suggestion.

Take A Sniff Of Your Chocolate

Another factor that plays a significant role in giving a taste to your chocolate is through your olfactory senses. Whenever you are picking up a piece of your favourite chocolate or experimenting with your sinful dessert, always take a sniff first (yes, just like wine). Moreover, always break your chocolate pieces to hear the crisp and loud crack (some chocolate ASMR) which means the chocolate has been tempered well and taste would not disappoint you.

Take One Bite At A Time

We all love a box of chocolate or the dessert made out of it but nobody said to try it all in one go! Please do not mix and match with your chocolates. Those terms are good for the fashion world but for the culinary world and especially chocolate, do not mix the various varieties of it. Chocolate is all about relishing and savouring it for our comfort-seeking soul (hence, the best comfort food). Do take your time and try one chocolate at a time!


Chocolate is a comfort food, a happy food, a celebratory food and what not! We are often mesmerised by the versatility of it and how it fits every situation. At the end of the day the comfort we get when we eat chocolate is unparalleled. If our opinion is taken then we would declare the chocolate as ‘Heaven Food’.

On this world chocolate day (July 7th), we are giving you a deeper insight into the world of chocolate, covering every aspect of it. Whether you are introspecting the occasions for gifting a chocolate (including buying for oneself as a part of self love) or trying to celebrate the special day with home made fresh bakes of chocolate or looking to put it in various other purposes (you know what we mean), we are talking about every face of it. You might be wondering in all what role does etiquette play! Well, that’s the catch my friend.

The difference you bring to the table by handling your chocolate in the right way, entices everyone, giving you and your personality the edge that the world looks forward to. So, Happy World Chocolate Day!

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