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The Movember rules for men: What to know for growing your moustache 

Many men spend November growing the best moustache they can, instead of watching the leaves change colour. Movember is a month dedicated to raising awareness of issues that specifically impact males, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health concerns. Movember began to gain popularity in 2004. Although Movember may seem overly serious, it’s a pretty entertaining concept.

Guys should grow moustaches in support of Movember to demonstrate their unity and support. It’s also worth it to support your fellow men, even if it isn’t your favourite style because you’ll only be wearing it for a month. Use this guide to understand the Movember guidelines every guy should adhere to if you plan to grow a moustache this year. There are only 20 Movember rules, so you won’t need to learn any more than that.

1. Be sure to sign up for Movember before you start:

This Movember rule is the most significant, which is why it is the top rule. Don’t forget to register with COM before October is over, because doing so annually aids the movement’s expansion and increase in support.

2. Halloween trim:

On Halloween, often known as the final day of October to those outside the Movember community, have a clean shave. You’ll be prepared to begin seriously developing your moustache in such a case.

3. Remember the days that you will need to keep up your moustache length game:

Keep in mind that Movember runs from November 1 through December 5; among those in the know, this period is commonly referred to as Movember35th. Before then, avoid shaving your Movember moustache! One of the Movember rules you shouldn’t violate is not shaving early.

4. Make sure to grow that moustache right:

It’s not a true moustache if your sideburns and moustache are connected. It’s a bizarre variety of facial hair that simply looks terrible. Not at all. One Movember rule you really shouldn’t break is this one.

5. Maintain it:

Be serious about maintaining your moustache! You want a moustache that will encourage more men to participate in Movember the next year, not one that looks silly.

6. Style it:

If you want a wild moustache, use styling products. Before this year’s Movember, you might not have ever bought a tube of moustache wax, but you can make some awesome vintage moustaches with some wax or paste.

7. No Goatees:

Make sure your moustache’s handlebar doesn’t extend past your bottom lip. Not a moustache, but a goatee extends past your bottom lip. Goatees are forbidden per Movember guidelines. Only moustaches!

8. Compliment others who have a magestic moustache and beard:

Pay attention to the other moustaches in the area. Make sure to compliment someone who has a great moustache when you see one. Make sure they are aware of Movember and assist in spreading the word if they don’t already (and they simply have an awesome moustache because they like one).

9. Make Women a part of it:

Engage the women in your life. Even though Movember is all about men’s health and women are less likely to personally be affected, this does not preclude women from participating in breast cancer awareness events in the same manner as men. Women can spread the word about the event and motivate the guys in their immediate vicinity to grow moustaches, even if they almost definitely won’t be growing one with you.

10. Inform ahead:

Inform co-workers about your moustache. If you’re concerned about your dishevelled appearance, you can even inform your bosses in advance. If you give them a little warning, they might even want to get involved with you.

11. Get your office to donate:

Try to engage your business in Movember fundraising. Each guy must donate to the cause as part of the Movember rules. Some businesses may double your donation to Movember by matching it.

12. For a traditional Movember look, keep your hair short:

There is no need to chop your long locks if you already have them. However, having short hair can truly help you flaunt your new moustache while maintaining a professional appearance that won’t get you laughed out of the office.

13. Make the reason known:

When displaying your moustache, inform people of the Movember issues. Everyone enjoys a good moustache, and why shouldn’t they? However, Movember also raises important issues about the health of men. Be sure to mention the Movember guidelines, the problems that men experience, and the reasons why we need to raise awareness about these concerns.

14. Everyone is welcome, you do not need a moustache

Making some guys feel uncomfortable won’t encourage them to participate the following year for personal or professional reasons. Just let them know why they must participate in Movember when they can and why.

15. Be a Gentleman:

Maintain a gentlemanly demeanour at all times. Keep in mind that you are not acting alone during Movember; it is a movement. Don’t portray your fellow human beings negatively. Be considerate, and polite, and conduct yourself in a manly manner.

16. Donate and not only grow your moustache:

Spend money on the cause. Every dollar counts in spreading the message, even if it is only a few bucks. Keep in mind that Movember is about more than just silly moustaches; it’s also about men’s health and subjects like prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and mental health that don’t always receive much attention. One of the Movember principles every man should adhere to is to donate at least a little money.


Movember isn’t just a fun event, or just a serious event. It is the coming together of both. It is important to raise awareness about the campaign. While celebrating the month, make sure to keep in mind the above rules in order to do so properly. A successful moustache is a successful Movember. Do not forget what it’s truly about though

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