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The Man Company celebrates Extraordinary Initiatives of Ordinary Men

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

A leading men’s consumer durable brand, The Man Company launches a new long term social media campaign ‘Hall of Gentlemen’, to recognize the superlative actions of common men of the society to pay homage to gentlemen who came out of their comfort zones to improve the lives of other males of the country.

The ‘Hall of Gentlemen’ initiative honours the life journey of common men undertaking uncommon work and positively impacting society by taking a few instrumental steps. Additionally, the brand has planned to go extra miles by donating 10% of their sale proceeds of limited-edition ‘Honour EDT’ to support the journey of these gentlemen.

To start this campaign, the brand has showcased the great stories of three noteworthy heroes: Helmet Man of India Raghavendra Kumar, Superhero of Jabalpur Parag Diwan and Jaipur’s Ray of Hope Gautam Khandelwal.

The campaign is spread across their social media channels including Instagram and Youtube. A new such gentleman and his story will be announced every month on their social media platforms.

Raghavendra Kumar, also known as the Helmet Man of India, left practicing Law and started giving free helmets to motorcyclists or two-wheeler owners riding without a helmet. Hailing from Greater Noida, Kumar’s life took a turn when his good friend met with a road accident that proved fatal because he wasn’t wearing a helmet. He has also started a free library for kids and adults alike to entertain themselves with tons of knowledge.

Parag Diwan, is called the Superhero of Jabalpur. Fulfilling his mother’s dream, Diwan feeds and teaches underprivileged people near Narmada Ghat and encourages them to dream big. Similarly, Jaipur’s Ray of Hope, Gautam Khandelwal, left his high-paid corporate job to teach and help people in rural communities in sectors like education, health and livelihood.

The brand is calling out other gentlemen who have taken the selfless-love approach in life to recognise their efforts under this campaign.

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