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The Best Luxury Gifts for Father’s Day

A father has a huge role to play in our life as he is the one who sets the boundaries for us and teaches us how to be strong in life. Whether a father is a strict one or a cool dude, he makes sure that we are living in a safe and cosy environment. He holds our finger, while we are crossing the road to make sure that we do not get hurt and teaches us how to ride a bike, even if it means that we fall once or twice and perhaps get a few scratches as well.

A father spends his entire life dedicating to us, making sure that we are fed, even if he is not. He might not express it enough, but he loves us more than anything in the world. He loves us unconditionally and never asks for anything in return, while we might ask for the usual materialistic things from him.

However, a father is only human and even though he is not expressing his love for those Gucci shoes or LV belt does not mean that you cannot gift it to him this International Father’s Day. We have a list of some amazing luxurious gifts for your father that will perfectly suit him this Father’s Day. Have a look below:

Rolex Watch

Men love to wear a watch and a Rolex watch is like a cherry on top of the cake for them. A Rolex watch speaks of prestige, glamour and good taste. A Rolex is known for exclusivity and not every man owns one so your dad will be boasting about how you gifted him a Rolex on Father’s Day for sure. It is available in 18k yellow gold, 18k white gold or Everrose gold and also has a platinum version. Apart from that, it is available in 36mm as well as 40mm and is perfect for a man who is in love with watches.

Rag & Bone Rugged Leather Belt

Leather belts are perhaps a staple for men. And while your dad might have a lot of leather belts, gifting him a Rag & Bone Rugged Leather Belt might be the best option for you if he is a fashionista and does not tuck his tees into his jeans. The best part about this leather belt is that it is subtler than a Gucci belt and does not scream out loud the brand’s name.

Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini Backpack

If your father is still carrying his stuff in a laptop bag everywhere he goes, be it work or just for his trip with a friend, as he does not feel there is any other option for him, it is high time that you change that, this International Father’s Day. The Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini Backpack is the answer for your father’s bag problems. It is made of rubber with details made of hammered calfskin and has lined interiors with plenty of pockets. It will not only keep your dad organised but also make him stylish.

Fossil Unisex’s Leather Men’s Wallet

We are sure that your dad already has a wallet to keep his money and credit cards safe. However, which man can say no to a luxury wallet? The Fossil Unisexs Leather Men’s Wallet is the perfect wallet for a man to carry around and flaunt as well. This wallet has been crafted from leather and has a weathered look with the brand logo on the side. Apart from that, it is perfect for men who want to go for a classic style.

Adidas Originals Superstar Sneakers

Your dad might have enough dress shoes in his closet along with a few pairs of Oxfords and other types of shoes. However, he might be missing the best style of shoes; sneakers. And if you want to gift him a pair of sneakers, go for the best one, Adidas Originals Superstar sneakers. It has a timeless design and is available in a variety of colours. However, if you choose to gift him these sneakers, we would recommend the classic white leather with black stripes.

Tom Ford Tuscan Leather Perfume

While your father might be used to wearing deodorants whenever he goes out, whether to work or a jog, he might be missing a good perfume, or perhaps, a luxury perfume like the Tom Ford Tuscan Leather. This perfume is quite ideal for night wear, especially when he is taking your mother for a romantic date. It has a ​​distinctive and sensual luxury fragrance that opens up with raspberry, saffron, and thyme. The heart notes feature night-blooming jasmine and olibanum, while the base is covered in leather, amber wood, and black suede. It is raw yet refined, and the sleek dark brown bottle will look brilliant on his dressing table.


A father does so much for his child, since the day he is born and makes all types of sacrifices for him only to keep him happy, even if that means that he has to give up on his happiness. Being a father is no piece of cake as it includes loads of responsibilities, from taking the child to dance practice to making sure that his homework is finished.

When a father is doing so much for a child, don’t you think that he deserves something special as well as luxurious. Well, we think he does and the above given gifts would be perfect for you to gift him this International Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day!

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