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The Best Brands of Suits for Men

When it comes to menswear and men’s fashion as well as style, the trends have varied to porkpie hats to dungarees. However, when it comes to men’s suits, it is something which will never go off the market and will always remain in fashion, no matter what.

A well fitting suit or a business suit is a must for every man whether they work in a multinational corporate company or have a desk job in a media house. Whether you are going for a business meeting or going for a date, a suit always makes a great first impression on the other person.

While a suit isn’t worn as much as your favourite jeans and chunky sole sneakers, and are one of the most treasured outfits of a man, they certainly are the best one to be worn for special occasions such as your best friend’s wedding or your own.

Suits convey status as well as success, whether you wear a classic or traditional one or go for a much more evolved suit that has formed over the years. However, while choosing a suit if you want to go for nothing but the best brand for your suit, we have a few options for you that you will love. Have a look below:

Dolce & Gabbana

What is known to be one of the most luxurious Italian fashion houses today, Dolce & Gabbana was founded by two Italian fashion designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana in the mid 1980s. While they started off with the women’s collection as two aspiring fashion designers, they soon became the biggest names in the world of fashion. Seven years later, Dolce and Gabbana wooed all fashionistas with their menswear collection and have been creating lust-worthy suits for men. They have been presenting you bold jacquard prints, embroidered silk as well as dark suits that have a razor sharp silhouette.


If you like to be bold and can carry off bold colours as well as jacquard prints, Gucci is the brand of suits for you. Founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci, Gucci is a high end Italian fashion house based in Florence. This is a brand where you will find bright piping embroidery as well as unique details in a jacket. Gucci is where every piece of cloth is diverse as well as extravagant. However, if you want something in a traditional design, you will be able to find that as well, in sleek, classic colours as well as cuts.


When we talk about Prada, it is the synonym of luxury, especially in the case of menswear. Known to be a luxurious Italian fashion house, it was founded in 1913 by Mario Prada. The luxury brand is known for its avant garde line, while always pushing their boundaries. However, even in this case, their suits always retain a sense of understated, classic elegance as well as style. Known to be the masters of tailoring, their suits have the highest of standards and have been the favourite of the royals for over a century now.


Born in the fashion capital of Paris, Givenchy was founded by fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy in 1952 and is known to be a luxurious fashion house today. It is popular for bringing in the classic French elegance to the world of men’s tailoring. Givenchy is known for its sleek, structured and sophisticated suits and going avant garde is always its style. You can always make a fashion statement with Givenchy’s classic coloured suit jacket, as well as a tuxedo printed with stars all over it.


Men who want their suit in a sleek design to make a style statement every time they step out, Brioni is the brand for them. Brioni is a Men’s Italian luxury fashion house based in Rome and was founded in 1945. They are known for their exclusive cut ready to wear pieces as well as entirely customised bespoke pieces. This fashion house has dressed celebrities such as Pierce Brosnan as well as Daniel Craig in the James Bond series as well. Brioni is known for exhibiting its collection on runways as well as for its trunk presentations. There is no doubt that there are thousands of hours of work put into each suit to present timeless designs to the customers.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a German luxury fashion house founded in 1924 by Hugo Boss. Known for its controversial history, the brand is known for its men’s suits after the death of its founder. Known for its sleek as well as grand style, these suits have made a name for themselves in the world of fashion. If you are into luxurious suits, whether you need to go to a party or for work, Hugo Boss is the brand for you.


Etro is one luxury brand that men can opt for if they are into wearing bold prints as well as colours. Known to have mastered the art of menswear, Etro was founded in the year of 1968 by Gimmo Etro and is an Italian fashion house based in Milan. It is popular for its sharp silhouettes as well as gorgeous materials such as wool, silk and cashmere. Apart from that, they provide sleek jackets that showcase bold prints, exhibiting your individuality. Some of their best designs that you should add to your closet are pinstripes, checks, Prince of Wales patterns, as well as monochrome.


Suitsupply is new in the fashion world and was founded in the year of 2000 by fashion designer Fokke de Jong as is known to be a men’s fashion brand. However, it has been providing impeccable designs when it comes to men’s suits and is affordable as well. They offer refined, sleek as well as sharp suits that have been made for every man’s taste. Some of their best materials for suits are pure wool, alpaca, cashmere as well as silk. Apart from that, some of their best designs for suits include the shawl collar suit, notch lapel as well as peak lapel. With such variety as well as versatility in their offerings, their suits are highly in demand.

Tom Ford

Tom Ford is a luxury fashion house founded in 2005 by fashion designer Tom Ford who was the creative director at Gucci as well as Yves Saint Laurent. This brand is known to have perfected the art of luxury clothing and created high quality, fashion forward suits for men. With eye-catching fabrics as well as styles, its slim cut dinner jackets, suits and tuxedos are sleek as well as sophisticated. At Tom Ford, you can choose from velvet to satin, leopard print to shining swirls and make a fashion statement every time you wear a Tom Ford suit.


Suits are pieces of clothing that any and every man should have in his closet. And the best suit is the one that is well fitting, not the one that hangs on your body, or that is too tight to wear. Suits are an exceptional piece of clothing that make you much more appealing and attractive, that denims and graphic tees do not. Suits are basically a uniform that you must have, being a man.

However, it does not mean that just by wearing a well fitting suit, you are ready to win the world. There are certain rules of wearing a suit that you must adhere to and should not be missed. For instance, wearing sneakers with a suit is certainly a crime for which you should be arrested by the fashion police.

Some of the basic rules that you need to follow are simple. Firstly, always wear a watch when you wear a suit. It doesn’t matter which kind of watch you have; it could be a rugged sports watch or a rolex! You can even wear a smart watch if you have one with your suit.

Along with that, always wear dress shoes with your suit. You might be going for a date in a suit, but the dress code is the same. The right shoes for a suit are dress shoes and not those chunky sole sneakers. Apart from that, always polish your shoes properly before you step out of the house. No one would like to see your dirty shoes so don’t let them have a look. Polish as well as clean your shoes appropriately before you leave your house.

While you can always opt for a ready made suit online or at a store, the best way to get a well fitting suit is to get it tailor made. As they will be taking your measurements, they will be able to provide you with a well fitting suit rather than a piece which is either too tight or too loose.

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