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Texting Etiquette 101 for the Gentleman

With so many instant texting features on messengers and social media apps, it’s more important than ever to learn how to use email in a way that doesn’t make the other person feel weird or scared.

Who wants to be called a “red flag” when they talk to the person they like? So, boys, here’s a list of things to remember to help you talk like a man.

Don’t send cringey stickers or pictures you didn’t ask for

Almost every instant texting app has its own set of stickers, which are more expressive than standard emoticons. Make sure you don’t start sending them as soon as you talk to them for the first time. Give yourself and the other person time to talk and get to know each other.

You may be hooked on using stickers to talk to your guy friends and pull each other’s legs, so don’t drop a cringe-worthy sticker by accident. Even if you have the option of texting back or deleting it for everyone, it’s best to avoid any awkward situations. The same goes for sharing pictures without being asked and using bad language. It is disgusting and not nice.

Give them the time they need to respond

You will get less help than you think if you overthink and become desperate for answers. You will either stress eat or be in a bad mood all day.

Here’s what matters: Don’t rush. A golden rule is to give people the time they need to answer. You don’t have a good idea of how much they have to take care of. So, don’t send a bunch of texts if you don’t want to seem impatient and less caring.

Don’t ask invasive questions

Don’t go o asking questions like “Why Can’t I see your Whatsapp Profile picture and stories?” or “Why am I not on your list of close friends yet?”

When you’re still getting to know someone, it’s best not to ask questions that make them feel uncomfortable or invade their privacy or personal space.

You don’t want to seem like someone who is always watching what other people do, even before you’re friends or the other person feels comfortable enough to share personal information. Don’t worry too much that their stories or DPs aren’t showing or that they haven’t saved your phone number yet.

Before you make your first phone call or video call, find out when the best time is for them

Asking ahead of time when a good time to talk comes across as polite, especially if this is your first time talking to someone one-on-one over the phone. Because if you don’t and they don’t answer the phone for some reason, you’ll make assumptions and ask follow-up questions that could hurt the friendship.

Calls out of the blue can be fun and comforting once you and the other person are used to each other and like being around each other.

Read between the lines and know what signs to look for

Take it as a sign that they want to move things along at a reasonable pace or that they’re not as comfortable with it yet if they’ve been texting infrequently or with long pauses for a while. Also, if they casually bring up a bad experience they had in the past, be sensitive to their feelings.

Even though this list isn’t complete, it does cover some of the most important points. First impressions are very important, so use these tips to make sure you make the best one possible. Trust the process and wait for good things to happen. Don’t give in to despair.

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