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Tête-à-tête with Kartik Aaryan on his fitness regime

Updated: May 26, 2023

Kartik Aaryan is the current heartthrob of the nation and is incessantly coveted among the youth. BFH‘s managing editor Sourendra Das met Kartik at Novotel to chew the fat about his love for fitness and workout regime.

Kartik Aaryan follows a diet plan consisting of six to eight small meals daily, as the meals are specifically designed to offer more protein and less carbs.

You have become quite a heartthrob; what has been your fitness regime?

I have always been a sporty sort, and during my school & college days, I used to play football and was the captain of the team. I also played tennis and enjoyed running & swimming. Fitness is a way of life, so doing 200 push-ups, 500 counts of skipping, leg crunches, and other exercises have helped me build my muscles. Even when I am outdoors, I make it a point to exercise. For instance, we were shooting for a film, and there was no gym in the vicinity. So, I picked up some heavy stones and used them like dumbbells. Or I would go running and do freehand exercises. Having said that, I take an off from exercise once a week. Rest & restoration is equally important to me to be optimally productive.  

What do you eat on a regular day, and how do you placidly break your meals?

I follow a diet plan consisting of six to eight small meals daily, as my meals are specifically designed to offer more protein and fewer carbs. I am a pure vegetarian, and at the inception of my career, I also badged India’s hottest vegetarian award conferred to me by PETA (People for Ethical Treatments of Animals). I ardently follow the archaic morning ritual of drinking lukewarm water with lemon and honey on an empty stomach. I feel that the two most important things for a healthy lifestyle are getting adequate sleep for 6-8 hours and always drinking ample water.

How does it feel to be one of B-Town’s leading male actors from a simple college student at Mumbai University?

My journey has been an amalgamation of luck and hard work. I am an alma mater of Mumbai University, and during my college days, I often traveled in crowded Bombay local trains to attend my auditions. College life was fun as all those rejections taught me that success is always like nectar when you taste it at last. Mumbai taught me to be resilient and egalitarian, wherein one feels that the sky is the limit. Mumbai has given me a lot in life and made me what I am today. Hence, I am immensely grateful to all my fans who have showered so much unconditional love for these many years.

Lastly, what grooming, fitness, and style tips would you like to give Indian men?

One should wear attire that makes him look stylish and super comfortable. I can adorn high-end brands and even some t-shirts from the fashion street or linking road. Style is about an expression of individualism and your inner self, an innate way of revealing one’s personality. I would like to shave if I have to, but sometimes I prefer a beard and long hair. I feel a good shampoo and beard oil are essentials to ensure that one looks confident. How you speak and what you wear often define who you are. So, one must know that fashion and style goes hand-in-hand with one’s humility.

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