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Teachers of men we never knew!

October 5th is marked as World Teachers Day. We all wish our teachers to be the guiding light in our lives. Learning has no end. You keep on learning no matter how old you grow. People often say, life is the biggest teacher. No doubt, we all grow up and learn according to what life serves us. Not everything is taught in schools and colleges. There is no specific teacher to tell you how to handle yourself when you are failing in situations such as relationships, finance or maybe cooking.

But there are many unacknowledged teachers that taught us to be what we are today. So, whenever you meet these teachers, make sure you appreciate what they have taught you either directly or indirectly, as they are life’s greatest teachers. They served the purpose of teaching you down the line.


Parents are our very first teachers. Children are like clay and parents mould them by adding values to their lives, telling them about what’s wrong and right. Parenting is the base of our lives. A child will utter his first words after listening to what his parents say, and in turn treat people and life by imitating the parents. And not only children but even parents learn a lot while teaching their child and grow to be an even wiser adult.


If you respect time, time will respect you. If you personify time, they are the strict yet honest teacher. If you invest it in something valuable, it never goes in vain. Disrespecting time may take you away from your success and also appreciating your life. Time helps you to look back to where you started, so as to move forward with confidence and a better man. And, it’s the most valuable thing you have today. Learn to manage your time. Do take your own time to relax too. But once done, use it for something good and productive. Time keeps on changing and teaches us the most valuable lesson of how life continues no matter what.

Financial Crisis

Let’s face it. MONEY MATTERS!

Of course, it’s not everything, but it helps you in shaping your life and providing the bare basics for surviving it. As you grow up, you start realizing the importance of money. Early twenties are most difficult when it comes to finances. You are done with your studies and now you need to earn your own way into the world. It gets really difficult to manage finances initially. But you learn it eventually. Financial crisis teaches you who is at your side actually and who is just pretending to be. It teaches you to worry about your career, be economical in your spendings and value how much your hard earned money provides for you. It makes you responsible and helps in your growth.


Heartbreak is a part and parcel of having to love. Whenever you love someone, at one point or the other, you’ll maybe face betrayal and get your heart broken. It helps you in accepting reality and breaks the bubble. You’ll feel remorseful but once you get over it, you’ll understand how much it taught you. Heartbreak brings a big change in your personality as it not only affects you mentally but also at times physically. It can be a change for the better or the worse depending on if you had actually learnt from it.

A person who knows himself is very difficult to defeat. Heartbreak teaches you much about your own self. It helps you in enjoying your own company and makes you rise from your shortcomings. So, in case you are going through it. This too shall pass and you’ll see how beautifully you’ll come out of it. Just be patient.


Rome was not built in a day. No wonder civilization didn’t build up in one sweep. You fail, you learn, pick yourself up and keep moving. Failure is just a guiding light to tell you where you went wrong so that you can improve. It’s inevitable. So, whenever you fail, it’s not the end. Maybe it’s just a start to something more wonderful. Don’t lose hope and keep moving on.


There is nothing more of a learning experience than taking responsibility. Any responsibility comes with accountability towards people in your personal or professional life. And when we are accountable for something, we try to learn and fulfill our responsibility to our fullest. Responsibilities can be one of the biggest teachers in our lives. It helps us grow and manage things in life accordingly.


Whatever we are today, is because of our experiences. Be it good or bad, every new experience adds on something meaningful to your life. That’s why change is so important. It is the most scary yet inevitable thing to exist. Whenever you feel like something can be a new experience, do grab that opportunity. Sometimes, going off a familiar path takes us on a new and better journey.

Coming out of your comfort zone

We get anxious before starting something new because it is out of our comfort zone. Anything that is out of your comfort zone will make you anxious initially. But there is no success while being in a comfort zone. You get to experiment with your skills and get to know your actual capabilities out of your comfort zone.

Companions in your journey.

You’ll meet a lot of people that are completely different from each other. The companions you meet in the journey of your life are the biggest tutors. Some positively, some negatively. Some people will be an inspiration to you, they’ll teach you about their methods in life, you’ll learn something out of your bond with them. Some people will betray you, or have a negative influence in your life. Even companions that left taught you something. The ones yet to meet will teach you something too. Every person is a lesson himself. It’s just what they bring to the table.

Conclusion –

You’ll learn your whole life. Just always remember that your down phase in life is a teaching too. And as we say, you should never stop learning, Similarly, never lose hope and learn whatever your experiences teach you. This World Teachers Day, say thank you to all these teachers and accept them to learn a new chapter of your life!!

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