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Talking about Men’s Intimate Hygiene with Ananya Maloo

At some point in our lives or other we have been face to face with a man strutting their crotch area and making the other person feel awkward. If you have normalised the behavior and think it is just one of the habits of men that they have no control on then we are here to tell you that is not the case.

The action which leads to scratching the crotch area even in a public domain could be due to unhygienic issues like itching, fungal infection, rashes and a lot more. Thus, to highlight the significance of intimate hygiene, Best For Him Podcast invited the founder of homegrown men’s intimate hygiene brand and ‘Shark Tank India’ fame Ananya Maloo in its latest episode anchored by Bhawana.

Sharing their research, Ananya told us that the first thing they found out is that ‘men tend to feel embarrassed when someone brings up the topic of their intimate hygiene and feel ashamed to invest in products that cater to their intimate hygiene. On the other hand, they do spend a lot on other grooming products, specifically facial hair.’ This initial research led to the idea of their brand ‘Nuutjob’.

The main objective of ‘Nuutjob’ is to make men’s personal hygiene a topic that does not have shame associated with it and opens up gates for men to freely talk about their issues either with their closed ones or on a general basis. In order to achieve the same, the brand has tried to create awareness through humor and aims at taking their products to the masses.

Ananys stresses that “Women also need to take command, by initiating conversations and buying such products for their male family members no matter whatever the relationship they share with them.” As a result, initially, the brand was more popular amongst women, who did not shy away from buying the products for their partners.

Ananya says, “Intimate hygiene products should be a part of daily hygiene routines like shaving, shampoo and other things to never have any intimate issues. This is also equally important to make an impression in today’s metropolitan world where each aspect is taken into consideration which can create a daunting image on other people.”

She also emphasized ‘that due to the lack of awareness, men have been using other products like talcum powder, to make their intimate parts hygienic and sweat free, can actually be a cause of many other problems’. She provided details of their brand’s men’s intimate hygiene products and its effects that are meant for different purposes and occasions to keep men free from any unhygienic issues.

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