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Sunil Shetty launches men’s jewellery brand ‘MetaMan’

Sunil Shetty launched MetaMan that has also raised $1 million in seed funding, which saw participation from nine unicorn founders.

MetaMan has been designed by coveted fashion designer Pallavi Foley and includes bracelets, pendants, and gold chains exclusively for men. The brand has raised $1 million in seed funding from investors like Nikhil Kamath, Prashanth Prakash, Gaurav Singh Kushwaha, cricketers KL Rahul and Robin Uthappa.

Through the launch of the MetaMan brand, we are celebrating the return of our men‘s jewellery culture. Indian traditions were one symbol of holding the best artistry, wherein Indian men taught the entire world how to adorn any jewellery and became trendsetters. Now it’s time for India to own a men’s jewellery brand that celebrates culture with style and sophistication,” divulged Sunil Shetty to BestForHim in a statement.

At MetaMen, the brand aims to accessorise evolved men through their contemporary designs. “We believe men’s jewellery culture is not an alien thought but a forgotten one in India. We are seeing Gen Z and millennials return to this trend with panache. We are launching MetaMan with 20 unique designs but will have 150 designs in the next three months,” signed off Anil Shetty, co-founder of MetaMan.

The products have been priced affordably from Rs. 1999 onwards to suit everyone’s pockets.

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