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Subtle Signs that a Woman is Interested in You

Whether it’s your colleague that you have a crush on or the girl next door, it can often be tough for men to get to know if the woman they like likes them back or not. Women don’t easily exhibit if they are interested in a man or not so it can be hard for a man to decipher their thoughts.

However, there are several subtle signs made by a woman that can tell you without their knowing, if they have a liking for you or not. Their body language changes as soon as they meet the man they are attracted to and can be noticed as well. If you are confused about a woman and want to know if you should ask her out or not, perhaps you should look out for these signs in her body language.

Just asking her out without noticing these signs made by her or not, you might make a fool out of yourself by getting rejected. She might just be being friendly to what you might be perceiving as an attraction. However, we have got your back. Here are some subtle signs that a woman makes when she is attracted to you.

Making Eye Contact

A woman making eye contact with a man can really mean a lot and fly sparks all over. It is the first thing women do when they are attracted to a man and says a lot about her liking for a man. However, she won’t be locking contact with you and perhaps look away when your eyes lock. This is the first sign that a woman is into a man and has a liking for him.

Playing with Her Hair

This is possibly a sign that you already know about. If a woman is playing with her hair while having a conversation with you, like twisting or curling them for no reason, she is certainly attracted to you. There, we said it!

Smiling at You

A woman who likes you or is attracted to you won’t stop smiling when she sees you across the room, especially when you make eye contact with her. Her face will certainly lit up and she won’t stop smiling at you. And no, we are not talking about that formal, courtesy smile here. 


If the woman you like is nodding while you speak during a conversation, she is definitely into you and means that she is paying full attention to what you are saying. Along with that, it means that she is encouraging you to carry on the conversation and is actually interested in your thoughts and ideas.

Biting Her Lip

We are sure that you have an idea about this sign made by a woman. When a woman bites her lip during a conversation, she wants you to notice her, as well as notice that she finds you attractive too.

Laughing at Your Jokes

You might be making some of the worst and lame jokes of all time, however, if a woman is still laughing at them, she certainly likes you. In fact, she will either laugh too hard or won’t be able to stop laughing because she is interested in you.

Touching You

If the woman you like is attracted to you as well, she will probably touch you as well, perhaps on the shoulders or the arms. Apart from that, she might brush past your hands or thighs too!

Leaning Towards You

If a woman is leaning towards you while she is talking to you, she wants to pay more attention to you as well as likes you. Along with that, she wants to send across the message that she is comfortable in getting into your personal space. Don’t ignore this sign if you want to date that beautiful woman.

Sitting Next to You

Is a pretty woman sitting right next to you all the time in a group setting. Or does she get too close while talking to you? Well, this should be a no-brainer for you. Obviously she is into you and finds you attractive. And she wants you to notice her as well.

Blushing Around You

If the woman you have a crush on starts blushing every time she sees you or talks to you, she is certainly into you and finds you attractive. The truth is that a woman starts to blush when she is feeling nervousness, embarrassment, or stress. When she sees you, her dopamine levels rise and she feels nervous, due to which she starts blushing.

Rapid Blinking

If the woman of your dreams is blinking rapidly while she is around you or talking to you, she just might be into you. Rapid blinking takes place when a person is sexually attracted to the other person. Apart from that, it also takes place when they are nervous or stressed around the other person.

Drawing Attention to Her Legs

Women always find a way of drawing your attention to their legs in a subtle manner that you don’t even realise what is happening. They might be just crossing or uncrossing their legs once or twice to find a comfortable sitting posture. However, if they keep on doing so while looking at you in a seductive manner, they certainly find you attractive and want to date you.

Arching Her Back

When a woman arches her back, she appears more attractive and women know so. If a woman likes you, she will certainly arch her back, while sticking out her breasts and hips to look more appealing as well as attractive to you.

Touching Her Face and Neck

When it comes to giving out flirting signals, a woman subconsciously touches her face and neck. This can be easily noticed by a man and is a sign that she is attracted to you.

Faster Breathing

When a woman is attracted to a man, her heart starts racing when she is around him. This leads to faster breathing as well. So if you find her breathing faster when she is around you it is certainly a sign that she is interested in you and wants to take it forward as well.

Dressing Up for You

If you like a woman and want to know if she is interested in you as well, try to notice if she is trying to look more attractive to you or not. Is she dressing up for you? Is she applying makeup for you? These are signs that will tell you if she is interested in you or not.

Complimenting You

If a woman is complimenting you every time you meet her, during a conversation, then perhaps she has a liking for you and wants to take it forward as well. She might be complimenting you out of blue and making you feel the best version of yourself.

Making an Effort to Continue the Conversation

If a woman is attracted to you, she will certainly make an effort to continue the conversation happening between the two of you, whether on call or on text. She won’t be sending one word replies to your texts and will be talking by paying full attention. So make sure you keep an eye on that sign.


Women make up half of the population in the world and are known to be complex when it comes to understanding them. Men often make jokes about how understanding a woman is not possible. Although, women unknowingly give out subtle signs that can tell you if they like you or not. It’s not calculus; you just have to notice the tiny details in their body language.

If you find out that a woman certainly does like you through these signs, you can always ask her out on a date and then carry it forward. However, if you realise that she is not giving out any of these signs and perhaps she might not be into you, then you should not take the pain of asking her out on a date. No one likes getting rejected!

There are always other women you can go for and find that perfect partner for yourself. If it’s not her, it could be someone else. Perhaps, a neighbour, a woman from your book club or someone you meet on a dating app. There are other options to look forward to and find that perfect woman for yourself.

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