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Social media turn offs that men must avoid

Social media has become the platform where most of us use it to display our lives. It can be recognised as a memory book for everything that we do, from the minute of things to the most extravagant. But all of it depends on whether you want to show your life or not. On the other hand there are some people, even after being on social media, you still don’t know anything about them, even if they are someone you know. On the flip side, there will be people that you absolutely do not know but know everything about their lives because they post everything about them on their social media. While this can seem like fun, there is a fine balance between enjoying life and living for vanity. There are many men, hence, that are not aware that some things they do online can be massive turn offs.

Let us look at the ways that your actions might actually be turn offs on social media.

Attention seeking/validation

The internet is not the place to vent out your hidden emotions or depressing moments in your life and expect to seek sympathy and validation from your posts. It is a space to connect with people and upload pictures and life updates. It’s okay to talk about a bad incident in your life, but posts that immediately seek validation or sympathy over minor things such as you missing someone and that you need someone right now to fill that spot. Or it may be you recording yourself crying about something really personal or minor. These are big turn-offs that will push people away from you.

Complaining or constant negativity

There may be some stupid posts over on these platforms as a lot of different type of people are involved. Some are really concerning, while others can be just harmless jokes. At the end of the day, you have to remember that this is a platform for fun and nothing serious. Hence, having a poor reaction to everything that you might not find amusing or offending just comes off really bad to others. There’s also another thing to avoid, which is arguing over who’s right in the comment sections of different posts. That type of behaviour comes off as shallow and some huge turn offs. It shows you to be someone who has nothing else to do but argue over irrelevant things on social media.

Drunk posting

Drunk texting, drunk posting, or even posting pictures and videos of yourself all the time partying like there’s no tomorrow with intoxication is a huge turn off. It gives off the impression that you cannot have fun without displaying it to the world. Drunk posting never turns out good either. Most of the time you’re not in your senses, you end up doing stupid things which you regret the next day. Have fun, but keep your phone away, or at least if you are recording or clicking pictures, do it offline. Think about what you want to show the world with a little more awareness.

Being a phoney or fake flexer

Posting pictures of yourself in front of houses, cars, boats, or anything overly materialistic that is not even yours can come off as shallow and childish. If it’s something that you earned from your hard-earned money, then why not? You do have the right to show the world what you’ve earned. But do not try to show yourself in a different aura by posting pictures of yourself with other people’s possessions. It is one of the biggest turn offs that many people, especially men, are guilty of.

Constant shirtless pictures

Unless you are at the beach or on a vacation going to the spa or maybe you hit a new milestone in the gym, then maybe it is a reasonable excuse to post a shirtless pic of yourself online. But if it is something recurring and you use every chance you get to post a shirtless pic of yourself, then it comes off as really arrogant, narcissistic, and someone with a shallow mind. It is one of the instant turn offs that most guys are guilty of. If you have a nice body and respect yourself enough to not constantly put it on display, women would be more attracted to the humility and groundedness of that than your bathroom selfies that are topless.

Whom do you follow?

This is something most men are guilty of. Social media is a platform where everyone can check out everyone’s followers and follow them. Hence, if you are someone who follows a tonne of naked girl profiles, or girls who only post bikini pictures of themselves, or only fans of models, then you, my friend, are not going to be approached by women at all! It’s one of the instant turn offs that many men fail to realise.

Message someone without getting any response

It is great to have the courage and take the first step to reach out to someone you feel attracted to. It’s manly, and women love guys who take action. But if you see that you have not been replied to or that she has not even accepted your message requests, do not constantly bombard her with messages after messages. Forget attraction, she would soon become annoyed by this constant surge of unwanted attention and even block you. It comes off as rude and irritating. Be aware of your self control and respect their space and privacy. Maybe she has not checked, maybe she is busy, or maybe she doesn’t feel like talking to anyone new. Retain that self-respect, because that is something women definitely do not think of as a turn off!


Social media, whether you hate it or love it, has become an integral part of our identity in today’s world. Our actions on social media platforms are a semi-representation of who we are in reality. Hence, certain behaviours are an instant turn off, and as a man, it is crucial to avoid these at all costs!

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