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Smelly Feet! The best way to get rid of it

Smelly feet are a real life issue which causes pain to everyone. Be it the person who’s affected or others around him, the stench makes everyone question the hygienic habits. But you know the cure is not rocket science! You can easily get rid of it by just following a few steps. Read the article to know more about it.

Smelly feet are a common problem with men. Probably because they have special inclination for the shoes, however, the more love has to be for the feet. The worst thing about smelly feet is that the person affected with it never realises, giving everyone else a hard time (true story).

You know when it becomes even more difficult when you are on a date and the guy walks in with smelly feet. Now rather than deciding what to eat all you can think of is your grand escape. Or (recently faced) handsome charming faces enter the room for their garment fitting ahead of the fashion show and remove their shoes, only to give you a moment of shock. Well, we are not trying to demean but it is more of an epilogue, that if our nose had a voice, would have screamt.

What causes smelly feet?

While dirty shoes and socks are one of the primary reasons for the stench, many men suffer from it because of excessive perspiration. The sweat provides a perfect humid environment for the growth of bacteria and fungus that ultimately lead to foul odour. Moreover, many men suffer from it due to certain medicines they are taking or sudden hormonal changes, especially during puberty period.

You must be wondering why only a few of us suffer from smelly feet?

While perspiration is common for everyone, many guys do not know that the bacteria that forms its colony in your feet also produce other elements. One of those other elements is Sulphur! We all remember the odour of Sulphur! Thanks to the Chemistry lab and some notorious kids who loved breaking flasks.

Now that you know how some of us are incubating these bacteria and giving very difficult times to the nose of others, let’s talk about the cure.

The Cure

Cleanliness! The best and most effective cure is to stay clean. Simple?

When you stay clean and hygienic you also take care of your belongings and keep them in mint condition. Washing your shoes and socks are the first. Keeping your pair of shoes in the sun to kill the germs is also quite effective.

Moreover, please do not spray perfume on your feet. A blunder that many men end up making for their smelly feet.

It’s a cardinal crime to spray perfume on your always supportive feet. Bluntly speaking, the stink of feet can not be masked. Using perfume or deo on your feet masks the odour for a while but once it mixes with sweat and fades, the stench becomes even more strong. At times, the chemicals react and cause severe allergies to your feet. So, do not go for these temporary solutions.

Smelly feet or ‘Bromodosis’ happens when the dead skin gets consumed by the bacteria. Hence to get rid of it, you can go for regular exfoliation of your feet. Pedicure which is often seen as feminine beauty regime is helpful in getting rid of smelly feet for men. It keeps the feet clean and free from dead skin.

Always change your socks after wearing them for a day. Never repeat the same pair for the next day as it increases the chance of foot odour and infection. Moreover, whenever you get the chance to go barefoot, try it. Your feet get the chance to breathe and the excessive sweat dries off, leading to clean feet. Whenever you come from outside, wash your feet and dry them off before getting on your bed. Follow the same before wearing the shoes.

If you are someone who is suffering from smelly feet, avoid wearing shoes during the hot weather and opt for open toe footwear.

Soaking your feet in salt water or vinegar water also helps in curbing the stink. It’s a part of the exfoliation routine. Although, make sure there are no cuts or wounds on your feet.


Smelly feet is not a grand issue but can lead to several allergies and infection with time. Moreover, with proper care and precaution, the foul smell can be eradicated from one’s life. It is an embarrassing factor that at times also leads to lack of confidence in certain men. While they do not get to the root cause of it and nip it in bud, the advice from others or colleagues and friends instantly covering their nose in their presence causes a severe blow to their self-esteem.

In order to fight it all, as a guy you can just follow a hygienic lifestyle that will only aid your health and definitely curb the odour.

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