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Simple Meditation Techniques to Deal with Anxiety

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Anxiety is quite prevalent in Men these days. The demanding work culture, responsibility to be an equal contributor at home as well as maintaining a social-media-forced social life, often disturbs the brain’s algorithm of Men. This causes anxiety and hypertension leaving men with a feeling of nervousness, panic and fear as well as sweating and a rapid heartbeat. It is underlined by the medical studies that this often leads to bigger consequences, if not taken care of properly.

There are medications and cognitive-behavioral therapies available to combat anxiety. But there is one more effective method to evade anxiety completely i.e. meditation and breathing exercises. While other scientifically proven methods are effective, they take quite a long time to show desired results but with meditation techniques, the process is quite easy, quick and effective that marks significant changes in males. Moreover, there can be times when the medication is not accessible and therapy is not possible, in such scenarios, meditation comes in handy that can be performed anywhere in a much lesser time.

Here are some of the meditation techniques-

4-7-8 Deep Breathing

Meditation is all about focusing on breathing to overlook other chaotic emotions that Men go through. This is often practiced in meditation to create a high level of concentration and create awareness within ourselves. Hence, this meditation breathing technique also comes effective in dealing with anxiety issues and evading stress from the mind as it works as a natural tranquilizer for the sympathetic nervous system. This technique helps in releasing mind and body tension facing at the moment with a quick practice.

To perform this breathing meditation technique, you need to sit in a quiet room where you experience less or no disturbance. Once you are in a seated position on a chair or couch, close your eyes and start breathing. First, you need to take a deep breath from your nose and hold it for 4 seconds. Then open your mouth to breathe out and ensure that you continue to breathe out for 7 seconds. When you exhale completely, then make a ocean sound from your throat and mouth for 8 seconds. This is one cycle and you can perform a couple of more.

Sea Inspired Breathings-

There are a variety of breathing techniques in meditation and another one that is effective for anxiety is Sea Inspired Breathings. Sea is known for its calmness and abundance that automatically lifts the mood of various men by just admiring its beauty. Though visiting a sea at the time of experiencing anxiety is not possible but this breathing technique inspired by the sea can certainly relax your mood by mentally transporting your mind to the seaside and giving you the same relaxed feeling.

This is yet another very simple technique to perform. Sit in any comfortable position and start with regular breathing; breathe in from your nose and breathe out from your mouth. After a couple of rounds, you need to add a sound of ‘AAHHH’ in the end, similar to the sound of waves crashing. You must repeat them 10-20 in a series, after that you can switch to relaxed breathing to ease your mind and nervous system.

Cooling Breathing

It is quite common in anxiety to feel the heat in the body especially when one is feeling irritable or impatient or nervous. It is important to cool down your body to come out of an unfavourable situation. You can practice mental air conditioning meditation breathing techniques.

To do this, first-round your lips in oval shape, then inhale a long and strong breath with a little bit of force so that you can hear a sound like wind blowing. The inhaled air will cool off your tongue. Once you finish inhaling then close your lips and slowly touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue as it will spread the coolness to your nervous system that will soothe and calm your mind. Hold the breath for 3 seconds or more, up to your capability then slowly exhale through your nose. You can repeat this at least 5 times to feel the difference.

Recharging Meditation

The situation can be grim and worrisome at home at times due to some tension between couples, parents or kids. A recharge meditation can help during a family intense situation

One can easily perform this meditation either by sitting down or lying on the back with eyes closed. Keep your palms facing towards the ceiling and start with long exhales and slow inhales. Count to 4 when you are inhaling and slowly make a soft fist with your hands.. While you exhale, count 4 again and open your fists. Use your fists to reintegrate your body and mind as it relaxes you thoroughly. Repeat this practice a couple of times at your own pace.


Savasana is a great practice in yoga and meditation to re-energize and relax your inner self. It can be performed 5-10 times to compose yourself from any extreme situation.

Lie down on your back at any flat space and place your hands and legs at a distance to create space for breathing flow throughout your body. Now breathe deeply to flow in your body from chest to rib cage. Concentrate your breaths and aim towards relaxing your body thoroughly without letting any thoughts come into your mind. Then take your arms above your head and stretch them and turn towards your side to sit in a crossed leg position. Now rub your palms to generate your body heat and cover your face with palms to pass on the positive energy to your entire body.


Anxiety is a state of mind that often disbalances your mind and body. Meditation and breathing techniques are great techniques to recompose and re-energize yourself and come back into a happy state of mind.

Meditation is that one remedy that can give you peace and a path to go forward. Although please note that meditation works in different ways for different people. It might show results for some way earlier than many others. Make sure to take your time and space to continue with meditation.

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