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Simple Father and Son Partner Workouts

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

A dad is always an ideal figure for his son be it in terms of playing, working or even physical fitness. Almost all kids want to accompany their fathers to gyms, parks or playfields to witness their real heroes in their ninja avatars so that they can become like their fathers when they grow up. While there can be some constraints in carrying kids to the gym where there is a risk of injury or to the playing court where only professionals are allowed. But this doesn’t mean that father and son can’t bond over a quick fitness routine.

In fact, in today’s time where kids are loaded with studies and extracurricular activities while fathers are working harder than before to ensure that there is no hindrance in the education or other requirements for their kids; team workouts can become a great option to spend quality time together to build father and son relationship more cordial, understanding and stronger.

Understanding the fact that there is a huge age difference between fathers and sons, their workout style, intensity and preferences, can become the key to plan an exercise routine with your son. Keeping this in mind, we have created a list of exercises given below that can be performed by all fathers and sons duo regardless of their age. Let’s have a look:

Warm Up

It is stated that warmup is quite crucial before beginning any kind of exercise as it is essential to get your body ready to conduct some lifting or jumping. Hence, some interesting warm-up exercises can give a fun start to the work routine. If the son is a teenager or even small and the father is between 35-40 without having any joint ailments then dancing, skipping, and crawling can be some interesting warm-up exercises to perform to keep the kid entertained. If the father is around 45-50 years of age and the son is 25-30 years then some slow-paced yet impactful warm-up exercises like jogging, jumping jacks etc can be performed.

Elevated Push-Ups

Undoubtedly push-ups are the favorite exercise of men regardless of their age as it directly works on their chest muscles. When it comes to the father and son duo, elevated push-ups on a bench or table can be performed together which can be further made fun with the number of repetitions and sets. It is easy and safe to be performed by fathers and sons of all ages. However, if the son is young or below 15 years of age then the father is advised to keep an eye on the technique to ensure it is safe.


This is another effective exercise for all ages of men to keep their legs strong and get going throughout their lives. This can be again a great exercise for a father and son duo including teenagers as there is no threat to performing squats. Squatting can be stimulating and enjoyable as the father and son can motivate each other to go deeper in their position and to perform an extra set of effective results.

Plank High-Fives

This is a partner workout that can help increase the understanding between fathers and sons with coordination and foolproof synchronization. In this exercise, the father and son must come on all fours keeping their body weight on their hands and toes and they should face each other. Once they are in the position, they both need to give high-fives by lifting their opposite hands. This is a captivating exercise that works on the entire body as well as builds effective coordination and understanding between fathers and sons. Again, this exercise is safe to be performed by fathers and sons of all ages as this strengthens the body and helps in body balancing.

Granny Toss with Ball

This is a compound exercise that is effective that works on the entire body of men including legs, arms and back. And as the name suggests, it involves a ball which then automatically becomes quite fun for young sons. In this, father and son have to work in synchronization as one performs the squat with a ball in his hand, gets up and passes the ball to another and then the same is done by another. This can be done 10 times in one go or until the ball is not dropped by any one of them. To make this exercise fun, the father and son can decide on a fun activity to be performed by the one who drops the ball first as this will further give a fun angle to the exercise instead of making it boring.


Father and son duo workout is a great way to build a stronger bond between these two as it helps in understanding the strength, capacity and body requirements. And the in-between fun and motivation part can add sweetness to their relationship. Hence, do perform these exercises with your father or son this International Father’s Day.

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