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Simple Exercises for Men to perform with their pregnant wives

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

When a couple gets the Good News of their life, they quote it as ‘We are Pregnant’. It is an interesting means to express the joy and carry the responsibility of the new creature that is coming into their lives. Indeed, the wait for the new munchkin is pleasantly unbearable, however the course of nine-months itself is a great period for a couple to cherish. While supporting the pregnant wife emotionally is a foremost responsibility of the man, it is important to realize the fact that a husband & dad-to-be can also become a backbone physically of their expecting wife.

It is always recommended to pregnant ladies to indulge in lightweight and easy to perform exercises to keep themselves healthy, active and have some ease in their delivery. However, it becomes quite challenging for pregnant ladies to perform certain stretches and poses alone due to the weight carried around their waist and lesser flexibility. Here comes a critical role of husbands as they can become a great support system for their wives by helping them during a workout routine.

Husbands can motivate their wives to be regular with their physical movements as well as become an invigilator for them when their partner over-tire themselves and extend their support when required. It also plays a crucial role in bringing the couple closer and involving both of them to experience this.

Here is the list of workouts that husbands can perform with their expecting wives.


Walking comes as a highly recommended means of being active. It is always good for mothers-to-be to take strolls in a garden. However, walking alone can sometimes become boring and lame. Thus husbands can join their wives to give them company in the fresh air and keep them entertained and lively. Also, since walking can tire pregnant ladies after a point, then husbands can support them by offering them a comfortable seat and some water.

Added bonus, you will get to check off your step goal for the day, while walking with your partner.


Prenatal Yoga is always considered quite beneficial for pregnant mothers as it helps in dealing with their body that is undergoing a big change. However, performing some stretches and reaching to an extent can become a little challenging thus husbands can help their partners by holding their backs, giving them support in reaching the possible distance.


Swimming is a great workout routine for people and it is no different for pregnant ladies. Swimming is a great workout routine for ladies who conceive during hot summers and suffer hot flashes. It cools down their bodies by balancing their body temperature. Going into the pool with your partner can be an active, fun, and relaxing workout routine for ladies. Not only husbands can be helpful to their partners, but they can also make the swimming sessions quite fun and long-lasting by giving their wives great company.

Stationary Bikes

While riding a normal bike can be a little dangerous on roads at the time of pregnancy however, they can definitely hop on the stationed bikes to make safe and active movements during pregnancy. Easily found in gyms or can be brought home, husbands can very well do cycling with wives carrying their child in their womb without getting too tired for their hectic day or skipping any meeting. An expecting couple can easily spend 10-15 mins in a day on these stationed bikes to be healthy.

Wall Push-Ups

There are certain muscle-building exercises that pregnant ladies can perform. Since males are quite efficient at performing push-ups, they can definitely join their wives. While pregnant ladies are only allowed to do wall push-ups to work on their biceps and triceps, their husbands do different variants to give them company and help them in leaning into the push-up position carefully.


Squat is a highly beneficial exercise for pregnant ladies that helps them at the time of delivery of the baby. Pregnant ladies are always advised to perform normal squats (until a comfortable position), fitness ball wall squats and sumo-squats to ensure the lower body stays strong enough to handle the pressure. Husbands can also partner with their pregnant wives and support them in sliding down by holding their hands to ensure that there is enough pressure on their back and legs.


Pregnancy is a life-changing experience for both, husband and wife, where they experience several things together at the same time. While husbands always want to be a partner in this joyful journey, having the presence of a husband also keeps his wife guarded to avoid any injury or accident.

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