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Silly Mistakes Men end up making Post Sex

By: Aakriti Gupta

How should I make my partner go crazy in bed? Tired of searching on Google or asking endlessly to your best buddy. But have you ever asked what to do after the sex? No, right! There are some common mistakes men make post-sex that can lead to major sexual health problems. Hear us out! It is for the goodness of both you and your partner.

Drowsing in your loved one’s arms, confessing which position you liked the most, and complementing each other’s bodies can be so pacifying, especially after a fiery night.

As we all know having sex not only decreases your blood pressure, and anxiety but is a booster for your overall health both psychologically and emotionally.

Sex is a natural therapy that not only defines the intimacy between you and your partner but certainly calls for health precautions too!

In those lovey-dovey moments, some unimpeachable post-sex mistakes can ruin your health. We bring you some of the post-sex mistakes that men should completely avoid.

Not emptying your bladder post sex

Getting up and out of your bed might not be an easy move but is a vital one for your genitals. During sex, bacteria can travel from your genitals to the urethra, the tube that carries urine out of your system.

Peeing within 30 minutes after sex is ideal to prevent Urinary tract infections (UTIs) from contracting as it flushes out the viruses and bacteria formed during the sex inside your genitals.

Taking a hot bubble bath

Nothing can be better than cuddling in the water-filled tub with those exorbitant, scented bath salts along with reddish glittered rose petals with your partner. Though it sounds good, the more unfavorable it can turn for you as it furnishes the perfect temperature for the bacteria to multiply.

Moreover, the more lavish time you are going to spend the more bacteria will have access to the other parts of the body, elevating the risk of getting infections at a more intense level!

Using aromatic soaps and perfumes on your genitals

Using aromatic soaps and fragrances for your intimate parts not only attracts your partner but a variety of bacteria. Cleansing yourself post-sex with such soaps can really displease your both internal and external skin. Wash yourself with just water or the intimate wash available in the pharmacy.

Wearing those fitted clothes to make you look more chiseled

We know boy, your skinny denim jeans do not make you look less than a stunner. But right after the sex, your genitals clearly need something too. Space is what they crave. Listen to them.

Donning tight clothes, especially nylon or silky fabric will only work for the bacteria and yeast to overgrow and thrive at a faster rate. Not only that, nylon clothing can also make your skin itchy and reddish!

Cotton innerwears are much more preferred as they let the air pass and absorb the moisture of the excessive body fluids that are discharged after the sex.

Leaving your sex toys on the floor without giving them a proper bath

Sex toys can be a great addition to your sex life. But just like you, they also require extra care. They are synthetic products that can hold bacteria for a prolonged time period until they are all cleaned up. Hence, never forget to clean them well.

Moreover, sex toy brands also set down certain instructions on the back of the product for a reason! Read those instructions and follow the procedure to keep your toys clean.

No checkups or visits to the urologist’s clinic!

Whether you are sexually active or not or just on a hiatus, don’t take a break from your urologist. Nothing good can come out from that. Contracting STIs and STDs are very common. Oozing out of thick white substance, itching and burning, sores, and blisters around your genitals can be some pressing symptoms of fungal infections or STDs.

If you are facing such symptoms, we highly recommend you take a trip to the doctor’s clinic that will help you reap benefits.


Sex is not only about pleasure but also safe practices. You definitely do not want to fall ill because of it or give your partner an unhealthy time. It is about enjoying the moment but some clumsy blunders can definitely limit your chances of enjoying post-coital bliss.

Discard the unhygienic moves from your life. We really want your sexual life as well as intimate health to be in safe hands, and this starts and ends with you.

Follow our tips and you’ll be more than okay!

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